Friday, February 15, 2008

Spread Love Butter!

Don't overeat Chocolate ok!

It's Valentine's yesterday! Well, did you guys received any chocolates or flowers yesterday from your special someone? I went to Mid Valley yesterday and saw tonnes or birds (love birds of course). Lots of couples from all walks of life walking around; holding hands; grabbing their flowers and know the kind of ambience where you can sniff and say, "Love is in the air"! Can you smell it? Make sure you don't have a running nose. =)

Yupe, yesterday's Valentine's Day was a memorable one for those who are lucky enough to have someone to celebrate with. Be it with your spouse, boyfriend or even girl friend. But...more importantly Valentine's hold a more important meaning-that is to spread love! Although this should be done everyday, so why not let yesterday be the precursor for us to be more proactive, be more committed and more passionate in relationship (and that include friendship)! Don't let Valentine's be the only day you give love. Make it a habit to do it everyday. Simply put, spread your love butter between you and your loves one everyday; the same you would spread peanut butter between two slice of breads for breakfast everyday!

Did you just bought presents, gifts and flowers to the girls you are wooing or vice versa? Wake up. How about some gifts and courtesy to your parents and siblings? I bet they deserve it more than your target huh? So remember: Valentine's is a day to love everyone especially your family. Family first okay! =)

Okay, now go grab yourself a spoon and spread your love on your breads (family, spouses etc.)!

And I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this post to my beloved dad, mom, bro and my wife! Love you guys always! =)