Monday, January 28, 2008

Coffee-Mate, I am!

Well, why would I say that I'm a coffee mate? If you guys have been reading Live Life!, you guys knew that I am a coffee junkie right? I really love to drink coffee, literally they are in my blood (so now i can't donate my blood?). Yesterday, I gulped down 10 glasses of those Java! That wouldn't be a big deal to some of you, but it sure is to me.

I don't know about you guys, but some times when I am feeling a little under the weather or having my bad hair days. Coffee seems to be more than a fab to me. It's sometimes acts as my absorber. I'll hit him hard! In other words I take out everything and blame it on the poor coffee (darn, I'm sure is weird). Sometimes it just feels that everything I do is so wrong and feels like no matter what, I am the one going to take the blame. Perhaps people have always perceived me as happy-go-lucky, fuss free fella! That's true, most of the time (say 99%?). Then the poor coffee will be my sand bag again. Victimised and helpless. The only thing it can do is watch me sip down every little drop of itself through my mouth! Ha =)

I have no idea how many of you do feel the way I do...about coffee. Anyway, sometimes just by sipping the hot coffee and scenting its rich aroma is already quite gratifying. Okay, gotta go now. Want to have a another coffee and take it all on it-again. =P Kidding! I just want to enjoy my hot coffee! After all I am the coffee-Mate right? They need me too!