Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ashley An Asshole! Another AAA?

You are guilty! There's no need for defence anymore!

Yeah, as the title suggest-he is an asshole! I am a tad harsh with this headline...but it is not unfounded at all! With all the leaks about his scandals and so-called mistakes, so this AAA is so darn fitting for him! He cheated on his wife not just once mind you! And for those of you who don't know him, he's a Chelsea and England footballer.

Seriously I used to have loads of respect for him. For his performance and contributions on the pitch...USED to! But now, in my opinion he's a loser! Panicking Ashley Cole was reduced to quivering wreck when blond Aimee Walton revealed she might be pregnant with his child (such a crybaby!). He then reportedly offered the woman cash to have an abortion. Damm, after having one-night-stand with her now he wants to terminate the baby that she conceived due to his mistake? Enough for his infidelity, but to terminate the baby is totally damm unacceptable! Doesn't this footballer has any moral value to uphold? Didn't he has the slightest idea about safe sex? Or he just can't afford a condom? Oh yeah, I have forgotten he is just a lust-rollicking guy! What he wants is just penetration. Just like how he plays football! He's such a disgrace!

But against all odds, his wife stood by him and supported his misdemeanour! I have a lot of respect for his wife and wanting to fix things up. Hopefully Ashley won't repeat his so-called mistakes anymore. He is lucky though. Not everyone have second chance! Hopefully he won't be terminated and will patch everything back and repent his errors.

Everyone who read this, please, please cherish your love ones. Never ever cheat on them. Do not, I repeat do not cheat on your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. It will get you back. Sometimes in an ugly manner!

p.s.: Sorry for the language i used!