Monday, January 28, 2008

Anorexic Apple Annyone (AAA)?

Anorexic Apple!

Thin is so darn in currently! From thin mobile phones to thin plasma TV; slim digital camera to petite mp3 players! Even the USB drive is fitting the XS size! Wow, is it a fab? Who started this whole anorexic thing? Is it the people from Honey I Shrunk The Kids? Hmm...who should take the blame then? Well, we-ourselves of course. Because we want everything to be so darn small!

Nowadays apple seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer too! Negative! It's not the red fruits in you groceries. It's the Apples that Steve Jobs sells. And he recently unveiled a new Mac cod-named Anorexic Apple (AA). Nah, just kidding. I made it up! But it is billed as the world's leanest laptop. This MacBook Air is a lean wedge-shape, 0.16in thin in the front and 0.76in thick in the rear. And yeah, to build this baby, Intel had to cut down on its diet to shrunk its fast dual core processors by 60% (damm!)

Well, this thin apple is quite environment friendly you know. It has easily recyclable aluminium casings and electronic components made from non-hazardous materials (I bet Mother Nature sure will like to have this laptop!). Besides, it also has those bells and jingles from iPods and iPhone. For example, it features compact hard drives (from iPods) and "gesture" capabilities (iPhones)! Ouh, so it's 3-in-1? And it only weigh a mere 1.3kg and packs 5 hours of usage! I bet this apple must have been planted with the best soil and fertilised with only the best dung?

Anyway for those who wants portability, style and performance all pack in one envelope! Make sure you have this-Anorexic Apple! Enjoy the ad!