Sunday, January 27, 2008


Wow! Beef cake! Chow's showing his masculine side in Kung Fu Hustle!

The person who is always there to make us laugh (in his film of course) now wants to make us cry like a baby! What, he wants to beat the shit out of us? Nope, he wants to touch us! Can he make it? Well, with his pedigree and numerous accolades and awards under his belt, I doubt there will any hiccups. Enter-Stephen Chow!

Speak his name, and I'm sure no one wouldn't know him. He had at least 50 film titles in his cap. A household name to us especially the Asian! In other words, he's like rice in our meal. We must have rice! Well, I'm a his big fan too. I have watched every single movie that he's in! Okay, enough curtain-raiser.

UFO likes garbage, so it seems.

Stephen Chow's latest movie flick-CJ7 is a heart-warming family movie about a working-class father, his son-and an alien who invade their lives. He claimed that his latest installment takes inspiration from Stephen Spielberg's (wow, he must be proud!). Known for his nonsensical comedy style, this time Chow wants to make us teary-eyed. Yay! Where's my tissue papers?

Save your tears for CJ7 premier okay! 7th February (which coincides with Chinese New Year). Yay! And yupe, this movie sure worth your money to watch it in cinema. No more pirates, at least this one! =)

For the mean time, do grab some popcorn and enjoy CJ7's trailer!