Friday, December 28, 2007

Your Amazing Brain

10 Amazing Facts About Your Brain
Our brain is the most complex system in the known universe. Its 100 billion cells and intricate network of neural fibres give it immense processing power (better than Intel) and incredible versatility that far outweighs that of any computer. Here are ten amazing facts about the brain:~
  1. The brain is able to alter almost any body function.
  2. Cuddling a baby encourage it to grow.
  3. The brain has powers to mend the damage after stroke.
  4. The brain is the fastest growing organ in the body.
  5. In regulating the appetite the brain can match calorie input to output almost perfectly.
  6. The brain constantly monitors everything happening at the body's surface, and in every muscle and joint.
  7. During child-birth, the mother's brain is flooded with a hormone that helps build the mother-child bond and dull the memory of the pain.
  8. A 'Happy' brain can help to fight off infections
  9. There are more potential connections between the cells in a single brain than atoms in the entire universe.
  10. No two brains are identical (even if you are twins).
So, you guys better take care of your brain! If not...if not, it's not my business lar! =)