Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kimi Wa Tomodachi

We have heard a lot about friendship nowadays. Unlike the ones when our forefathers had, these days friends are harder to come by, or so to speak. You see, not many friends are like those we have seen in the silver screen or animation. In fact, many didn't turn out to be what we might expect. To make things worse, some of these so-called friends even take advantage on you when you had "fallen", exploiting you as if you are only a vehicle-taking you for a free and easy ride. Your mind and heart ache when you feel those you have treated like siblings turned their backs on you; You feel cheated and betrayed!

"Is there no more true friends?" your heart spoke. What had happened to the value of camaraderie? Is this what you get for giving your all? Well, brothers and sisters...welcome to the present. A present wrapped with so much flawed papers and tied with moral-decaying ribbons. Unfortunately this is the comfort of reality.

There are too many "Smeagol" surrounding us right now. They have many personas if you wish. These are great actors and actresses that could have won awards for their "live performances". They are only around when they need you, BUT by the minute (or second) when you need their favour...they will just dissappear into thin air, evading you with excuses and even see you as invisible!

But...don't despair. Because there's always one or two who are your real friends (honestly). They are your diamonds in the rough. These angels are not always by your side when you are in good "condition". Nope, you'll seldom see them. They will only appear when you need them. They are like the nocturnal creatures that only come out during the night to light up your "darkness". True to the age-old adage-"A friend in need is a friend indeed". So shower these blessed souls with your unconditional love and care, for they have forged a fellowship with your soul that cannot be replaced by anything. They are the ones that you can bond emotionally. They stand for you when everything else seems to fall apart.

They are the people that you can look in their eyes and they know that your heart whispered to them softly, "you are my friend"! Or in japanese-kimi wa tomodachi!