Thursday, December 27, 2007

May the spirit live on!

Jingle bell~Jingle bell!~Jingle bye bye bell! It's finally over. All the preparation and anticipation has come to an end. Weeks or even months of waiting for some out there had finally ended. So did you guys enjoy your Christmas? Did you get the camera phone that you had long wanted? Did you receive the handbag that you had been dreaming about? Or did your taste buds get to lick the cheese cake that you have been craving for weeks? No?

Well, it's ok. Because all you ever needed (or wanted) is right in front of you. I mean family and friends. Do you really need all those fancy phone and leather bag? Nope, what you really need is human touch. As our world is getting more and more advances in technology, we have overlooked the essence of communication. We neglect the real stuff that we need to do-to communicate with our love ones.

Of course, this post had only one sole purpose. That is to wish you folks out there a very Merry belated Christmas! Christmas is more than setting up decoration, wrapping presents and then exchange it! Nope, it's about sharing and giving whole-heartily without any thoughts of reciprocation. So, it's still not too late to show your love ones how much they mean to you. Put down the game controller now, take off your head phone and go hug your parents, spouses, siblings or even children...look into their eyes and let them know how much you appreciated them. Remember even your one minute call is worth more than the 1000 bucks that you western union your family back at your native home! So pick up your phone and 'connect' with them!

Well, what I had scribbled may sound rather melodramatic huh? =) But i really, really hope you guys out there can share your love adn affection during this festive season. Cherish your love ones okay! And I want to take this opportunity to thank my parents, bro and wife for their love.

By the way...where's my present? Santa Klaus must had forgotten mine. Well, never mind. I still have my family. Merry Christmas and thanks folks! Thank You!