Sunday, December 23, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Indeed, it's really easy to get all starry-eyed at this time of the year. So what do you want for christmas? Have any thoughts about it? Well here's what i want for this time around (as if i will get any of it). =)

Top on my wish list
My Christmas wish is peace and harmony in my Malaysia. Honestly we are darn lucky and we should count our blessings. Not a single country is flawless but to be fair Malaysians are really, really blessed compared to others.

Where will I wish to spend my Christmas holidays and how?
At home with my family and loves one.

Top 3 things I would really love to have this Christmas
~Exilim EX-S880
~Nokia N93i

What would I like people to stop doing
Stop being selfish and violent. Because it only need a single selfish person to let all hell break lose!

What presents have I got for my Loved ones?

Favourite thing about this time of year
The art of giving whole-heartedly.

Well, to anyone out there who's celebrating Christmas, Yule or Noel, have fun ya! Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy this Christmas song by Christina Aguilera~