Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jasmine-My Little Drama Queen [PICS]

I am really blessed to have 2 babies-Jordan and Jasmine, who never fail to colour my world with their antics, baby talks and wacky facial expressions. Getting daily doses of my babies really help me to overcome a lot of those "troubles" that an adult like me would usually face. So today I am going to write about one of the common things that I do with my daughter-Jasmine, while we are on the way back home-taking selfies. I really love her bubbly, happy-go-lucky attitude! :)

 photo 01FunnyBabyJasmine_zps9a7fcc20.jpg
Jasmine girl~look at the camera. :)

 photo 02FunnyBabyJasmine_zpsece285db.jpg
"Hey! What are you looking at huh?"

 photo 03FunnyBabyJasmine_zps942a563b.jpg
"Look at my shadow-less fist!"

 photo 04FunnyBabyJasmine_zps60b35888.jpg

 photo 05FunnyBabyJasmine_zps09cab64e.jpg
"Now who is the boss huh?"

 photo 06FunnyBabyJasmine_zps4b08616e.jpg
"Enough! Don't disturb mei mei (little sister) anymore!"

 photo 07FunnyBabyJasmine_zpseb2660c5.jpg

Haha :D I am sure she will crack up as well when she sees her own photos when she grows up. These are but a few of her funny, ridiculous antics that my wife and I get to see every single day. I am really blessed to have 2 gorgeous babies who light up my world. They are the reasons why my wife and I are always happy all the time. Sometimes...I do think that our children are growing up way too I must cherish the time that I spend with my little naughty ones. Daddy loves you Jasmine girl~Muack :-X

 photo 08FunnyBabyJasmine_zps4a449df8.jpg
"I wanna oin oin (sleep) already. Don't disturb me!"

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