Monday, November 25, 2013

The Loosened Chain

I was supposed to reach on time for my meeting...or so I thought. That was why I estimated my time to be flawlessly accurate (ngam,ngam ho) this morning...or just like any other morning. With 10 minutes to go and I was half way from arriving at my destination, something awfully wrong occurred. The chain of my motorbike loosened. Still there were like 8 kilometers to go and I was left stranded. Ouh yeah...that meant I was destined to be late this morning. So much for being accurate with my timing. :/

 photo 01TheLoosenedChain_zps7b772b1e.jpg
The new "suspender".

Little did I know what had actually happened...I was at the traffic lights waiting for hulk(green) to appear. Once I saw him, I twisted the right handlebar to accelerate...instead of going faster, the bike slowed down and came to a complete standstill. I twisted the gas again and again. The engine roared but the bikes wasn't moving at all. So I had to get down and start pushing my bike. Tried to call my company to inform them that I would be late...again! Unfortunately the line was engaged and 10 attempted calls gone unanswered. :/

 photo 02TheLoosenedChain_zps73f9de79.jpg
Hopefully it will keep my chain intact.

Thankfully my whole house was just a stone's throw away-1km. I pushed my bike to my old house and drove my car to my company. I was late and I arrived at half past ten. It turned out that I was there just to sign some papers. So after penning my names, I headed home to attend to my bike. The mechanic said that I need to install something to prevent the chain from "jumping off" again. I did and I was made RM30 poorer. It was a bad start to my day...I feel so "blue" is Monday today.

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