Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Plastic Surgery Changed Ugly Korean Twin Sisters Into Beautiful Ladies [PICS]

First thing first my apology for using the word "ugly" in the title. But that's what these twins felt about themselves before they had an extreme makeover with plastic surgery. Thanks to advancement in plastic surgery, both twin sisters feel very, very confident about themselves. Gone were their ugly selves and they are now 1 million times more beautiful thanks to plastic surgery!

 photo Main-PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps8a0798fa.jpg
Don't you think they are beautiful?

Apparently the twin sisters have participated in a Korean reality show called "Let's Beauty". The main purpose of this program is to help people with special circumstances or people who are too ugly to feel confident about themselves in life. This twin sisters have got the chance of a lifetime to transform how they look like when they were sponsored by the program. Oh my...they were really transformed alright. Plastic surgery is really like...magic!

 photo 01PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps0b4cfdb1.jpg
This was how they used to look like...

 photo 02PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps8ba77abb.jpg
After being selected for plastic surgery...doctors
looked at how they could weave their magic!

 photo 03PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zpscf1d5675.jpg
It was certainly not an easy job.

 photo 04PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps776b15d6.jpg
Eyes: Before & after plastic surgery.

 photo 05PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps35e566fb.jpg

 photo 06PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps6eaa68e0.jpg
Side view: Before & after plastic surgery.

 photo 07PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zpsa9006bb2.jpg
Wow...totally different right?

 photo 08PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps0db47fa5.jpg
Frontal view: Before & after plastic surgery.

 photo 09PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zpsec01f92c.jpg
Goodness...can this be real?

 photo 10PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps79149395.jpg
The viewers of the reality show were shocked as well.

 photo 11PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zpsfaa04886.jpg
Their magician (plastic surgeon) is really skilled at making people more beautiful

 photo 13PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps7f4e26e0.jpg
Now they are 2 beautiful twin sisters.

So what do you think? I thought they were complete, totally different from what they looked like. There was no resemblance of their old selves at all. Goodness...so plastic surgery had completely changed their appearance. Now they are 2 ravishing, drop-dead gorgeous ladies with porcelain skin, immaculate smile with a pair of big, glistening eyes...aww...so in Korea everyone can be beautiful thanks to plastic surgery. :/ Their dreams have come true...hopefully it will not turn out to be a disaster in disguise, awaiting for backlash.

 photo 12PlasticSurgeryChangedUglyKoreanTwinSistersIntoBeautifulLadiesPICS_zps75e5355e.jpg
So do you think you wanna have plastic surgery?
Which part would you like to change with plastic surgery?