Thursday, March 28, 2013

Katie Price Is Your Little Pony? [PICS]

It seems that celebrity will try to do everything or anything to be fashionable huh! I was surprised to see Katie Price channeled her inner "My Little Pony" when she was celebrating the 5th anniversary of her KP Equestrian Line. now it makes a bit of sense but still-Katie Price dressing up as a one half pantomime horse is hilariously ridiculous! Guess what? Her My Little Pony outfit is magically hiding her baby bump as well. Wow! Honestly I don't think this is an eye-sore~she is simply trying to be cute which she had succeeded...for this one time.

 photo KatiePriceMyLittlePony01_zpsd9b5bf42.jpg
Katie Price in her My Little Pony outfit. Wait till you look at the whole picture...

It is amazing how Katie Price would (or could) squeezed into a pair of pink hairy legs and a pink tutu for this photo shoot. The model mum-to-be wore a light pink shirt and a matching wig as he posed in front of her horse jump and a riding jacket. Fortunately no one was saddled with the task of becoming her My Little Pony backside. Haha :D The fake back and hind legs were simply attached to her waist. Hmm...I wonder if she could walk around with them...naturally?

 photo KatiePriceMyLittlePony03_zps88085455.jpg
OMG! Isn't this...adorable?

 photo KatiePriceMyLittlePony04_zps64c94314.jpg
Katie Price as the "mane" of attraction.

 photo KatiePriceMyLittlePony02_zpsecf02a95.jpg
Flaunting what you have got right~Katie Price?

 photo KatiePriceMyLittlePony05_zpscbcfd150.jpg
Finally I have lived my "My Little Pony" dream.

So what do you think folks? Honestly I think it is adorable that Katie Price is willing to bring out the little child in her to pose as a little pony for her own brand. Some might say that it was an eyesore and Fashion Cop should arrest her for this gaudy centaur monstrosity. But I say Katie Price is being really cute (not to mention brave) and her husband and baby will be more than happy to look back at these photos and have a good laugh at. Sometimes~we need to be wacky in life. Now everyone put on your Pony Suit and start horsing around with the Gangnam Style song! Way to go Katie Price~you are My Little Pony. LOL :D

 photo KatiePriceMyLittlePony06_zps7eba309f.jpg
So who else wanna channel the My Little Pony inside of you?

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