Sunday, March 31, 2013

36 Exotic Mushrooms You Have Never Seen [PICS]

All of us know what are mushrooms right? In fact one of my favourite foods is the aromatic shitake mushroom! I its mouth-watering taste and the exotic fragrance. Then again~we know that mushroom which is a fleshy, spore-bearing fungus (Yes! FUNGUS!) is available in so many different kinds of forms, colours and variations. Meaning that you might stumble upon different mushrooms in different parts of the world. I love to look at mushrooms for they are very unique and can come in striking colours and some even in bizarre shapes! You will be surprised!

36 Exotic Mushrooms You Have Never Seen Before
 photo 01ExoticMushrooms_zps568a54c5.jpg
Mushroom 1# This looks like jellyfish.

 photo 02ExoticMushrooms_zpscec0fb9f.jpg
Mushroom 2# This looks like candy!

 photo 05ExoticMushrooms_zpsfb9e1e9e.jpg
Mushroom 3#

 photo 06ExoticMushrooms_zps4560f892.jpg
Mushroom 4# Orangje Red

 photo 07ExoticMushrooms_zps2e565bc7.jpg
Mushroom 5#

 photo 08ExoticMushrooms_zps0504129f.jpg
Mushroom 6# An umbrella?

 photo 09ExoticMushrooms_zps9fcc0166.jpg
Mushroom 7# An Angelic one?

 photo 10ExoticMushrooms_zps1e369eda.jpg
Mushroom 8# Lusciously Blue

 photo 11ExoticMushrooms_zpsf70f0aa3.jpg
Mushroom 9# Toad Mushroom?

 photo 12ExoticMushrooms_zps524d1662.jpg
Mushroom 10# These are simply adorable.

 photo 13ExoticMushrooms_zps24a4f4bd.jpg
Mushroom 11# Yellowishly Beautiful.

 photo 14ExoticMushrooms_zps7dd59767.jpg
Mushroom 12# Bizzare

 photo 15ExoticMushrooms_zpsb4585077.jpg
Mushroom 13# This looks like rotten apple.

 photo 16ExoticMushrooms_zps4a1d12ae.jpg
Mushroom 14# Delicately Versatile.

 photo 17ExoticMushrooms_zps6447f77d.jpg
Mushroom 15# Purplish Coral Reef?

 photo 19ExoticMushrooms_zps2082d0f8.jpg
Mushroom 16# Purple Enigma.

 photo 20ExoticMushrooms_zpsb12471ab.jpg
Mushroom 17#

 photo 21ExoticMushrooms_zpscb0ab7bf.jpg
Mushroom 18# They giant worms.

 photo 23ExoticMushrooms_zps7d1c98b5.jpg
Mushroom 19# Beautifully Weird!

 photo 24ExoticMushrooms_zps4ea2c50a.jpg
Mushroom 20# Tang Yuan?

 photo 25ExoticMushrooms_zps00136fd0.jpg
Mushroom 21# Lanterns

 photo 26ExoticMushrooms_zpsd80c2262.jpg
Mushroom 22# Luminous Candle.

 photo 27ExoticMushrooms_zpsade28336.jpg
Mushroom 23# These looks pretty common.

 photo 28ExoticMushrooms_zps113eba8d.jpg
Mushroom 24# Stale & yet Interesting

 photo 30ExoticMushrooms_zps5aa4beac.jpg
Mushroom 25# Glow In The Dark Mushrooms?

 photo 32ExoticMushrooms_zps5bf4f817.jpg
Mushroom 26# Blue Diamond

 photo 33ExoticMushrooms_zps45718c6b.jpg
Mushroom 27# Brain?

 photo 34ExoticMushrooms_zps505b7ebb.jpg
Mushroom 28# Lemonade Muhsroom?

 photo 35ExoticMushrooms_zpsfbe4f057.jpg
Mushroom 29# Walking Sticks

 photo 36ExoticMushrooms_zps03dbdd4c.jpg
Mushroom 30# Lingzi?

 photo 37ExoticMushrooms_zps18a92e96.jpg
Mushroom 31# Flirtatiously Red

 photo 38ExoticMushrooms_zpsf595bf32.jpg
Mushroom 31# Mesmerizing Alien

 photo 39ExoticMushrooms_zps10f5a55d.jpg
Mushroom 32# Looks like Cobra

 photo 42ExoticMushrooms_zpse3f143b1.jpg
Mushroom 33# Brilliant White Dots

 photo 43ExoticMushrooms_zps16a5f04f.jpg
Mushroom 34#  They look like dragons.

 photo 44ExoticMushrooms_zps56907171.jpg
Mushroom 35#

 photo 45ExoticMushrooms_zpsfb0bbd69.png
Mushroom 36# Tototo~is that you?

So have you seen any of the 36 mushrooms shown above? Do they look familiar? Maybe you have seen these mushrooms from the movie-Alice In The Wonderland? Honestly~I have never ever seen any of them. Perhaps most of them can only be found in rural, remote areas such as forests and jungles where humans can really disturb them? Then again as enticingly beautiful these mushrooms can be, their colourful texture and shape actually serve as a warning for all of us not to consume or even touch it. Sometimes~beautiful things are only meant to be appreciated with your eyes. So~these mushrooms are beautiful, aren't they?

So which mushrooms is your favourite?