Friday, June 15, 2012

Coffee-drinking Gene In My Baby Boy?

As most of you know...I am a caffeine addict. Downing 5 mugs of coffee every day is considered a routine to me. Inevitably, my babies especially my baby Jordan will be seeing me drinking coffee most of the time. He must be wondering what I am drinking most of the time. I believe that drinking coffee is in his gene as I am one heavy drinker. We will have to wait and see then.

Jordan boy~this is a cup of coffee...

I think I will only allow Jordan boy to drink coffee once he is around 16 or 17. Coffee is after all...not the healthiest drink for a growing kid of teenager right? However so far he has never ever urged me to let him have a sip of my coffee before. Usually he will be crying for us to give him "mam mam" (food or drink). Hmm...makes me wonder...perhaps he knows coffee tastes quite bitter? For now he just loves to play with my coffee.

What are you doing Jordan boy?

Why are you playing with daddy's coffee?

Mommy told me that I shouldn't be drinking coffee.

So I should get rid of it. *stepping on the sachets of coffee*

So are you done stepping on daddy's coffee?
Daddy still wanna drink them you know?

Jordan boy loves to play with my sachets of coffee. To is like a toy. He even keeps a few sachets of my coffee in his own toy box. Maybe he wants to keep a few for himself. Haha :D See? He does have my coffee-drinking genes. That's my boy. But I will advise him not to drink those with too much added sugars or creamers lar. Jordan boy! Mommy is coming...hurry keep all the coffee. Don't let mommy see you playing with them. Shhhh....

I don't know. Hiyeak! *continue to stomp*

P.S.: Mommy doesn't like daddy to drink coffee...chances is...she hates the idea of you sipping a cup of coffee.

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