Monday, March 26, 2012

Jasmine Girl Likes To Smile A Lot :D

Time really, really flies. Sometimes I think time ticks so fast that I barely have the time to stop and stare and look back at what had happened in my life. This is especially true ever since my daughter has stepped into my life. I am glad that we (my wife and I) have always reminded ourselves to snapped all the precious moments of our little ones whenever possible. One day, when we are old, I am sure we will reminisce about these good old days that we have experienced. Today we are going to share some photos and a video of Jasmine who likes to smile. Like Jordan's, I believe we will never forget Jasmine's smile forever as well. Ha :D

Me and my darling Jasmine. :)

My wife and I notice that our Jasmine girl likes to smile a lot. No doubt that she likes to scream and cry, but she is even better in smiling. She will smile at the slightest sound that you make, seriously. Ha :D Even if you just look at her and smile, she will smile back. Sometimes she smiles as if she, herself, is a bit shy to see you face-to-face. Perhaps like her brother, she has inherited our dominant smiling genes too. Right Jasmine girl? Can you tell daddy and mommy why you like to smile? :p

Hie Jasmine girl. Are you a good girl today? :p

Why are you smiling?

Ouh...sticking out your tongue? Being cheeky huh! :p

Why are you so shy Jasmine girl? :)

Hehe :D She smiled until her eyes can't be seen.

Watch How Jasmine Girl Smiles

Our precious Jasmine girl~:)

Jasmine girl is 4 months old right now. In no time she will be celebrating her 1st birthday...then eat her second birthday cake...then nursery school...then...OMG! I don't want the time to evaporate this fast. Then again...she has to grow up. We have her smiles to brighten up our lives every day. Her smiles can blow away all our anxiety, exhaustion, worries...Perhaps that is why she likes to smile? Because she wants us to be happy all the time? Aww...both Jasmine & her brother-Jordan, really make us smile every single day without fail. :)

We must smile all the time ok~Min~Min. :D

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