Monday, March 26, 2012

X-Raying My Wife's Skull...

I woke up this morning seeing my wife sitting on the chair which is next to my bed. She was leaning on the table. I felt it was very weird for my wife to be doing so and hence I asked her to lie on the bed to sleep for another while. My wife was murmuring something. I approached her and then only I realized that something was not right. My wife was holding her head and said, "I slipped in the toilet and knocked my head!" OMG...I couldn't believe what I heard. My heart sunk....I was crestfallen with what my wife had just revealed to me. My wife was in agonizing pain...and I was sleeping? Damn me! Immediately I called my company and told them that I needed an emergency leave.

My wife's skull...

Still writhing in wife explained to me what had happened. She went to the washroom downstairs...while she was hosing down the washroom, my wife lost her balance...slipped and knocked her head first on the floor. She was unable to use her hands to break her was a heavy fall. She woke up feeling very dizzy. My wife told me that she sat down on the floor for quite some time before she finally stood up again. Then she forced herself upstairs into our bedroom. Goodness...and I was sleeping? Damn me! :'(

After sending 2 of our babies to the babysitter...I immediately drove my wife to see a neurosurgeon in a private hospital. We waited anxiously for almost 2 hours before the doctor could see us. After that we were asked to go to the X-Ray department to have my wife's skull X-Rayed. That took us another 1 and a half hour with thongs of people waiting to be X-Rayed. After the radiologist handed over the result to us, we immediately went to see the neurosurgeon again. The doctor examined the X-Ray films closely and said, "There is nothing that you need to worry about. Your skull is perfectly fine." Then only my wife and I were relieved.

It's like a huge rock had been lifted off our shoulders. I feel really, really happy that my wife is alight. We spent more than 4 hours in the hospital...with me, feeling totally exhausted due to my 1 hour of sleep. But all my tiredness have been wiped away instantly when the doctor told me that my wife is ok. I am really glad...overjoyed. I hope she will be more careful in the future. Doesn't she know that I am am very worried about her? :'(

P.S.: My wife and I strongly believe that my late mommy was there this morning to help cushion my wife's fall. If not it would have been worse.