Sunday, March 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Beam = Smartphone + Projector

One of the most amazing news that came out from last month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is Samsung Galaxy Beam. All this while I have always wanted a kick-ass powerful smartphone like Samsung Galaxy SII or its slightly bigger sibling-Galaxy Note. But now...I think Samsung Galaxy Beam is in the pole position to be my next ideal smartphone. Why? Because Samsung Galaxy Beam is both a smartphone and a projector. Simple as that. Have you heard of another smartphone with an integrated projector? Probably no right?

Aww...Samsung Galaxy Beam is so beautiful....

I must say that the biggest selling point for Samsung Galaxy Beam is its projector. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that Samsung has actually rolled out a projector phone last month. It's like a dream come true for me because I need to use the projector several times a week to carry out my presentations in front of my audience. Using a tablet to do presentation will not be suffice for a huge crowd. That's why I think Samsung Galaxy Beam's projector will be perfect for me as I don't need to power the bulky projector up, plug in the USB drive etc. All I need to do is turn on the projector on my smartphone and voila~I can start my presentation.

It is still so slim and sexy even with a projector in it.

Samsung Galaxy Beam has a dual-core 1GHz processor under its hood, completed by 768MB of RAM. That is quite powerful already for my daily heavy usage. Galaxy Beam has a huge 4'inch 800x400, 5MP rear camera (with built-in flash) and 1.3MP front-facing camera. This smartphone is also equipped with ample storage with 8GB of internal memory expandable to 32GB using SDCard. So you don't have worry about running out of space of your photos, videos and most importantly powerpoint presentations. It is also worth mentioning that Galaxy Beam with be juiced by a huge 2000mAh battery pack. Awesome right?

I love the ergonomic design.

Of course the main reason for me to buy Samsung Galaxy Beam is its built-in projector right? What distinguishes Samsung Galaxy Beam from the other smartphone is its Ultra-Bright, 15-lumen projector. With Beam, you can project a 50-inch wide image, presentation or even video recordings onto the wall!'s like your portable movie player right? There is even a projector-dedicated App that allows you to activate the projector in just a few simple steps. With a projector crammed into it, Galaxy Beam is only 12.5mm thick. Unbelievable right?

Must Watch: Samsung Galaxy Beam Official ADV

Aww...imagine watching movie together
with my kids on a huge screen with my kids.

Rumours have it that Samsung Galaxy Beam will be launched in Asia next month (April). Ouh my...I can't wait to touch this projector smartphone. I am really tempted to get it. I wonder how competitive it will be priced. So are you, like me, interested in this Samsung Galaxy Beam as well? Do note that Beam ships with Android 2.3 Gingebread instead of Ice Cream Sandwich. But I believe later this year it will be able to lick some Ice Cream. Hopefully it will come in several different colours. :)

Are you ready to be beamed by Samsung Galaxy Beam?

Samsung Galaxy Beam has finally landed on our Malaysian shores with a RM1,599 price tag. I have personally tested it and it is very good. Very tempting indeed! :)