Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walking On Green Green Grass For The 1st Time

Recently my baby Jordan had the opportunity to walk on green green grass of someone else's home on the second day of Chinese New Year. Ha :D This is his very first time walking on a green pasture. Why is that? You see usually I will only bring him out for a stroll in our neighborhood on tarred roads. I have never allowed him to walk on the field near my home as I am afraid he would trip and fell down. So the other day when we visited our relative's home with huge compound, I gave Jordan boy the green light to roam of that green pasture. Did he enjoy it?

War...where are you right now~Jordan boy?

Slowly~walk slowly.

What are you looking at?

Of course he enjoyed it very much. He kept on walking back to the grass-filled compound after I carried him away from it. Perhaps he was excited to be able to step on those green green grass? Jordan boy did fell down on the grass but he was all smile when I anxiously reached for him. Being seated, he happily hit the grass with his hands. Guess it felt good to land on the grass huh?

So you like walking on the grass?

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