Monday, January 30, 2012

Eat Rice (爸吃饭)-The Best Chinese New Year Advertisement That Makes Me Cry

All of you MUST WATCH this brilliant tear-jerking advertisement from Bernas. This has got to be one of the BEST commercials I have ever seen in my life. It warms my heart and touches my soul. After watching this Chinese New Year advertisement, I cried...each and every single time. It has been a long time since we Malaysians get to watch meaningful commercials after the demise of Yasmin Ali. So this TV commercial-Dad~Let's Eat Rice or "Ba Sek Fan" (爸吃饭) is timely to wake us up from our ignorance, especially the younger generations. This serves as a wake up call for people who have always taken their loved ones for granted.

The broken bowl of rice...

Even though the theme of the commercial is about reunion dinner...IMHO it revolves around a father's unconditional love for his son. The commercial started off by showing how the spoiled son showed little or no respect towards his father and family. For example, he didn't mind his table manners; he didn't ask his dad's permission before flipping the channel which his dad was watching; All hell break loose when the son came home late one night and he angered his father. His infuriated father of course scolded him and this prompted the son to leave the house and found a job at the construction site which almost robbed him of his "freedom" (mobility) until his dad stepped in and help in again. Watch the heart-warming commercial now:

The most heart-warming Chinese New Year TVC ever!

Click HERE to download this brilliant TVC from Bernas!

So what do you think folks? Were you touched? Did you cry? The climax of the commercial was when the father stormed into the room and carried his despaired son whose legs were "paralyzed" onto the field. The father then piggybacked his son and said, "Son, step by can do it!" So the father did this with his son every single day until he was able to walk again. Watching how the father devote himself to help his son really touched me. The flashback where the father grabbed both the son's hands, teaching him how to walk when he was young really makes me cry. I really cannot stop my tears from streaming down my face at this point. Can you?

Daddy will always hold your hands...

For those who are working away from your parents...when was the last time you call them or even go back to have dinner with them? For those who are studying elsewhere away from your parents...when was the last time you rejected invitations to go clubbing and partying with your friends to spend quality time with your parents? Your parents might say that they don't need you to accompany them...and you can go ahead and join your friends...but deep down inside...they want you to be by their side all the time.

How easy it is for us to forget what it was like,
when we were once family;
The times we shared,
How easy it is for us to forget our love;
How easy it is for us to forget how to smile,
It is easy to forget...
But it's even harder not to love.
Family is forever.

This meaningful commercial is not only about filial piety....more importantly it is about treasuring your loved ones which is none other than your family. We should not take our family for granted. Spend more time with them. No disrespect to anyone...but friends (most of them) come and go...but family is FOREVER! I hope my son and daughter will read this one day. I wanna let both Jordan and Jasmine know that, "Daddy will be very stern with the both of you, but no matter what...daddy will always love the both of you!"

Family is forever!