Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Know If There Are Added Sugars In Your Children's Milk?

I have revealed how the (wrong) milk that our children drink might be increasing the risk of them becoming obese. It is a shame to know that certain companies are willing to make more profit at the expense of our children's health. And we parents are indirectly helping them in their mischief. :( So how should we know what growing up milk is healthy for our little ones? This is where labels become very instrumental. In my previous post, I talked about How To Choose The Right Milk for Our Children by reading the labels.

Daddy~I want to drink nian~nian. :D

Why read the labels? Because we can get all the information that we need from the labels. Then again we must be alert and  We parents, should be aware that corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids and sucrose are all in fact, types of added sugars under the guise of different names. So we mustn't be fooled by these fancy "nicknames" of theirs. These added sugars are nothing but empty calories that can lead to overweight and obesity. Yes! These added sugars have zero nutritional value and they are not needed by our little ones.


Now go grab your children's milk and read the labels. Go now. Got it? See if you can locate the name(s) (corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids and sucrose). If one (or more) appears near the top of the ingredient list, then the milk that your children are drinking contains ADDED SUGARS. *sigh* Very disappointing right? Why would they want to sell these milk with all those added sugars for our children to drink? They want our little ones to have decayed teeth and become obese? Beats me...

MAKE SURE the milk your children are drinking has no added sugar.

Here's another reminder to all parents. We should be very aware of claims such as "no added sucrose" or "sucrose-free", because it simply means there are other types of added sugars. They can be very tricky huh! :/ So what we parents can do is find milk which has no added sugars at all. It is very important for our children to be drinking nutritious growing up milk instead of one full of added sugars that can be detrimental to their health.


Think that I am too worried about these added sugars? Don't take my words for it. Watch these 4 videos to decide:

Watch what Professor Peter Davies and Dr. John Monro
have got to say about added sugars in our chidlren's growing up milk

I told you that I am going to share with you what growing up milk my baby Jordan is drinking right? It is Anmum Essential. So far ANMUM Essential is the only growing up milk powder with NO ADDED SUGARS. Have you seen or heard any other brand of milk powders claiming that theirs are without added sugars as well? I don't think so right? I don't want to be fooled and I am not going to risk my children's health in those sugary milk powders! I have made the right choice for my little ones. How about you?

Jordan boy is drinking Anmum Essential which has no added sugars. :D