Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our 1st Day Of Chinese New Year [Photos]

How was your first day of Chinese New Year? Did the Dragon year that you had been anticipating with bated breath started off the way you wanted? As for my family and I, we only managed to pay 3 of our relatives a visit. Usually we will be visiting at least 10 houses. Guess we can't go to too many places when we have babies on board aye. Then again all of us really enjoyed ourselves. We are happy to meet up and catch up with our relatives. It's all about reunion on my first day of Chinese New Year. How about you folks?

One for our big family album. :)

This year, our first day of Chinese New Year has been perfectly chronicled by my cousin-Rajiv, with his Nikon DSLR. I really love all the photos of us that he has taken. Every photo of us that he snapped turns out to be so vividly REAL, not to mention beautiful. I love how he weaved his magic into his lens and create picturesque memories of us. See? It's good to have a professional photographer in the house. Ha :D

It's been awhile since I last saw all 3 of my handsome cousins together.
From left: Rajiv, Shantanu & Kalai.

Me & Jordan boy. Both clad in red.

My beautiful wife and adorable daughter Skype-ing. :)

Jordan boy with his precious keys.

This is his second Chinese New Year.

Come~daddy gives you "nian nian" (milk).

Yeah~he is tired after going out for the whole day.

So these are some of the photos taken on our first day of the Dragon-ic Chinese New Year. I wish I can snap more photos on my own. Too bad I can't as I will be carrying my babies all the time. Ha :D Again, thanks to my cousin, Rajiv, for the beautiful, priceless photos. Hmm...then again I should have hired for FREE him to be my personal photographer for this Chinese New Year. :)

Priceless: My family portrait.

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