Monday, January 23, 2012

Start Your Dragon Year With RED Underwear!

I have always believed in starting my new lunar year on a high note. That's this saying in mandarin, "好的开始就是成功的一半。" which literally translates to "a good start will mean that your success is 50% in completion!" That is why I am determined to make sure that my beginning for this Dragon Year will start with a loud BANG! Then again I am not going to be vocal in my effort and neither will it be seen easily. So how am I supposed to start with my "best" foot?

Protect the "core"?

In order to have a great start for your new lunar year, you need to ensure that your "core" is well equipped to greet the new year. Then only you can reap the benefit of the Dragon Year. I am a believer not belieber of Feng Shui and I am convinced that our luck is in our very own hands. That is why I have prepared a specially bought garment for my "core". Hmmm...what "core" am I referring? Well...the "core" that you use for reproducing? LOL :D

So which colour of "shield": should I wear for my "core"?

Of course RED right?

That is why the other day I went to grab some new Body Glove underwear for my "core". It is about the colour you see. They say if you were to wear RED colour underwear during Chinese New Year, your whole year will be protected by the God of Wealth. Then you will be winning all your gambles, you will strike lottery and your investments will have handsome returns. Sounds a bit too far-fetched aye? But what if it is true? You have nothing to lose right? So wear red coloured underwear today. :)

I am going to "equip my core" with the best possible underwear. LOL :D

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!