Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally My Blog Comes With A Footer

Finally I can proudly say that my blog comes with a footer. In case you haven't realize, scroll down, down, down to the bottom of this blog and you will see my newly designed footer! This morning while a lot of you were sound asleep on your bed, I was cracking my head trying to create a footer for my blog. Since I am no programming expert nor website designer, I needed to use a few hours to do this simple footer. Haha :D Don't laugh at me, I know I am a noob.

Finally My Blog Comes With A Footer
Finally...I have a footer!

It is a 3 colums footer. Initially I have a real hard time, trying to figure what should be placed in each of the columns. I have actually gone through more than 100 blogs (no joke) with awesome footer designs to get some idea of what I should throw into my footer. And in the end, I think this is the best of what I can do. Honestly...I wish to make a more visually impressive footer, but I know my limitations. *sob* Nonetheless I still love this simple blog footer of mine. :) Let's see what I have included shall we?

Finally My Blog Comes With A Footer

Blog Archive: This can be seen in the first column. It is just a collection of my blog post archived into separate monthly folder. You will also get to see how many posts I have written for a particular month. I think this is one simple and yet very powerful plugin that allows you to go back in time in this blog of mine. :)

Finally My Blog Comes With A Footer

Categories: Aka tag clouds. You can easily spot what I always blog about based on this simple tag clouds. I  tried to insert the stunning rotating tag cloud, but well...I screwed up and the whole blog turn haywire. Haha :D But then again, I think this simple tag clouds will serve his important purpose. Perhaps you can also discover some hidden "gems" here? :p

Finally My Blog Comes With A Footer

The Man Behind Tekkaus: is...Tekkaus, himself of course. Well, this is a simple version of the about me page. It serves as an introductory about me to all first time readers. I have enclosed links to the full version of About Me-The Author, About The Blog and how they can Contact Me. Ouh yeah....There is also an ugly picture of me. LOL :D

Finally My Blog Comes With A Footer

Subscribe and Connect With Me: Here you will find an opt-in box for you to subscribe to my blog via email. Once you have validated your subscription, you can read about me right from you emails. :) Notice the 8 buttons above the box? You can follow me via RSS, Twitter, Facebook etc with just a click.

Finally My Blog Comes With A Footer

Top 10 This Month (Top 5 actually): Now you can know what is the hottest topics on my blog. I love this plugin from blogger because it is very neat and can  be customized effortlessly. Besides choosing the number of posts to be displayed, you can also opt to include thumbnails and snippets from each of the trending posts. Hmm...perhaps I should change it to Top 5 This Week?

So what do you think about this footer of mine? OK! OK! I know. Say no more. I know it is lousy and not attractive at all, but I still love it. Hmm...maybe I should revamp it once I know how to do it. Well, the purpose of having a footer is to give your readers a good impression before they depart to somewhere else. I believe my including some details about you, readers can get to know you a little bit more...and maybe you can turn them into regular readers. Think of your footer as your "bait"! That is why the subscriptions links are important. What say you?

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