Friday, December 17, 2010

Twitter VS Facebook: The Verdict (Pros & Cons)

Some time ago I have written a post: Twitter VS Facebook Choose One Poll. Back then I asked all of you between these two giants, which one do you prefer the most right? The result is out. Guess what? Twitter is the preferred least by my blog readers who have casted their votes. 64.5% of my blog readers picked Twitter over Facebook (34.6%) as their choice of Social Media playground. Then again this result is too vague if we were to compare analytics data from other compilers. So which one will prevail in the end? Honestly I can't tell and no one in the world can predict as both Twitter and Facebook are distinctively different.

Twitter VS Facebook The Verdict Pros & Cons
Twitter VS Facebook

Why Do You Choose Facebook?
People love Facebook because it is highly addictive in a sense that it makes you glued to it. People will get hooked up the moment they use Facebook due to its simplicity and ease. Facebook has become like an all-in-one hangout for Facebookers. It has been reported that some Facebookers have ditched their emails, instant messengers, photo sharing websites and even video sharing sites such as youtube in favor of Facebook. And right now Facebook is beta-testing their so-called FacebookMail!

Facebook is really shrewd in a sense that it makes you feel so much at home when you are Facebooking. In other words, instead of log into your GMail, Yahoo Mail, MSN Messenger, Flikr, Youtube etc., now you only need to log into Facebook to enjoy everything want. So all you need is one account (Facebook) to rule them all. With one login and interface, Facebook allows you to manage all your online social interaction needs and demands. That is why Facebook is on top of the world right now. But then again...

Twitter VS Facebook The Verdict Pros & Cons

Why Do You Choose Twitter?
Facebook can be used by just about everyone with computer and internet connection; Likewise Twitter is something that only appeal to those who are more "skillful". Twitter is more preferred by the more technology savvy internet users such as bloggers and internet marketers. It is not easy to get use to Twitter, but once you will be very addicted to it! I admit that I personally love Twitter more than Facebook.

Twitter allows you to get immediate response from your Tweeple (Twitter Followers) in Twitterland? You can ask a question and you will get instantaneous responses from your followers. This is something I can testify. Moreover Twitter encourages your tweets (messages) to link out to virtually anywhere such as a webpage, a picture and even a video at Youtube. Twitter allows you to tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of your followers.

Twitter VS Facebook The Verdict Pros & Cons

Twitter VS Facebook: The Difference
Facebook: Imagine you are in a classmates reunion party or other forms of gathering where you know a lot of people there. You would be communicating with them just like how you would use your Facebook. You would be very relaxed while talking to you old friends in a more personal way. You would feel completely at ease while mingling with your friends. Your conversations would revolve around common experience.

Twitter: Assuming that you are at a social party where you don't most of the people there, you will use a different style of communication compared to Facebook. This is where Twitter steps in. You would want to meet more people and make more connections. Since most of the people here are clueless about you, you may want to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. It's like you wanna hog the limelight when you use Twitter. Of course this type of communication is not everyone's cup of tea.

So Who Is The King of Social Media?
Enthusiasts will be quick to point out that their preferred choice of social media will claim the rightful throne. But really...there is still no clear victor although the battle may have seen to be over. The truth is both of them have their own advantages and shortcomings. All in all it boils down to what you really need at a particular moment. Now let's see the pros and cons of both Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook Ups:

  • All-in-on: You can access everything you wanted from Facebook. It is your Friendster, Email, MSN Messenger, Flikr, Youtube...a complete package for you.
  • Easier to use compared to Twitter.
  • Facebook accentuates more on the quality of your friendship instead of quantity.
  • Create different groups and fan pages to suite your demands.
  • You can have separate privacy profiles for different friends and acquittance.
  • High retention power: Lots of apps, games that make you glued to it.

Facebook Downs:

  • Harder to update your status and share stuffs.
  • Response is way slower compared to Twitter.
  • Harder to befriend people.
  • Strict sharing policy. You cannot share anything you want and the more you share the more warnings you will get. Facebook might even block you!
  • Risk of privacy being invaded more easily. Since you are putting your everything here (photos, music, documents etc.), once Facebook security is being compromised, you will lose...a lot.
  • Does not allow Google to crawl its site.

Twitter VS Facebook The Verdict Pros & Cons

Twitter Ups
  • Easy to update and you can include any links without any restrictions.
  • You can befriend just about anyone from anywhere in the world.
  • You can get your response almost instantaneously.
  • Don't need to log in to receive updates. You can view your followers updates just bout anywhere with RSS reader.
  • Lots of applications have been developed (Twimbow, Tweetdeck, Hoosuite etc.)
  • Loads extremely fast for it is very "light".
  • Allows Google to crawl all the tweets making it extremely valuable.

Twitter Downs
  • Lack a lot of functions. What you can do with Twitter is quite limited: find friends, send messages (DM) and sending replies.
  • You only have 140 characters to strut your stuff.
  • Not everyone will appreciate Twitter's usefulness.
  • Over emphasis on quantity (followers count) instead of quality.
  • Can be easily spammed and exploited!

Final Verdict
I am not sure who will be the last "social media" standing. Both has its ups and downs. It is safe to say that both Twitter and Facebook are still in their "infancy". Meaning that their true value and potential have yet to be materialized! Will one of them reach its saturation and become irrelevant? That we have to see in the future right? IMHO, both Twitter and Facebook complements each other very well. But in the end I still prefer Twitter because it is more snappy. :)

Twitter VS Facebook The Verdict Pros & Cons
Twitter is still the one I love the most. :)