Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jordan Smiles Even Though He Is Sick

How do you feel when you are down? What will you do if you are a little bit unwell today? For most of us...we might let it control ruin us for the whole day right? Or maybe until we are better? These are the people who are easily controlled by their conditions and always give themselves excuses and circumstances to be "down". Sometimes I am guilty for committing this "crime" too. You see, the other day when I was on the way to the babysitter place, my little Jordan was smiling all the time. It's normal for my him to smile, but on that very day he was sick.

Jordan Smiles Even Though He Is Sick
On the way to the babysitter's place: My little Jordan was smiling. :)

My little Jordan was a little feverish that morning because of the immunization jab that he received a day earlier. Despite being unwell, my little Jordan still smiled in front of me. Instantly his upbeat, happy-go-lucky mood really inspires me to feel good; His enthusiasm and cheerfulness makes me realize that I don't have to worry about anything anymore, all I need to do is smile. It is like little Jordan is trying to tell me, "Daddy, must always smile and stay happy~o. See~Dan~Dan (Jordan) also smiles and stays happy even though I am sick."

Jordan Smiles Even Though He Is Sick
My little Jordan looked at me attentively before I left...

After I left my little Jordan at the babysitter's place, I couldn't help but thing about him all the time. I can still vividly remember his cheeky smile when I put him in the bassinet with the "Kool Fever sticker" still attached to his forehead. His infectious smile makes me think about him every single second. His every smile will always brighten up my day and make it sunnier. I have learnt something very important from my darling little Jordan. Smile and be happy always. :)

Jordan Smiles Even Though He Is Sick
I love to look at him smiling all the time. Daddy loves you~lar!

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