Monday, November 1, 2010

Vitamin E Oil For My Wife's Stretch Marks

This evening after my meeting, I went to the pharmacy to buy my dad's asthma inhaler. Before I left, suddenly a box grasped my attention. I turned and had a closer was a vitamin E oil. What attracted me was that it is used to "treat" stretch marks. So I asked the product consultant more about this particular best-selling vitamin E skincare range from Cosmoderm. You see, I wanted to get this product for my wife to "alleviate" the stretch marks on my wife's tummy. Poor wifey has these stretch marks because of little Jordan.

Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks
Intensive Vitamin E Oil

This vitamin E oil has triple action against scars and stretch marks with its concentrated vitamin, vitamin A and Roseship oil. I don't really know what Roseship oil is but I hope it will be effective in healing stretch marks. Unfortunately the lady told me that it will take some time (a few bottles) for those stretch marks to be gone. Well...I hope it will work for my wife. You see, I should have bought this earlier for my wife when she was 3 months into her pregnancy. Now the damage has been done, so a longer time is needed to see those stretch marks being healed.

Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks
Hope this oil will come good!

Ladies please pay attention. If you don't want to have stretch marks during and after pregnancy, you should apply Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E oil every day when you are 2 or 3 months into your pregnancy. And let me warn you, it can get quite itchy you know. Actually I really didn't mind if my wife has those stretch marks on her tummy. I really, really don't care at all. But I know all ladies want to look beautiful  right? That is why I got this for my wife. I hope this Vitamin Oil will weave its magic soon. :)