Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling (Watch Him In Action)

This morning my little Jordan woke up early. A few minutes after both me and wifey were up, our little Jordan started to make his move. First we fisted the air a few times, then his legs started to kick. Later his eyelids slowly opened and his eyes were wandering around looking for daddy and mommy. Of course me and my wife were waiting for him long before he was awake. This morning little Jordan had been a very good boy. He didn't cry nor did he throw any tantrum.

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
Wakey wakey little Jordan

Barely 2 months old, our little Jordan has started to smile. It seems besides crying, he is also good in smiling too. LOL :D And this morning he seems to be extremely happy and he keeps on smiling right until now. Perhaps it is because he could see daddy (yours truly me) early in the morning? It is not always that little Jordan can see me when he wakes up every morning. Most of the time I would be in the office already. So Sunday is a happy day for little Jordan. :) Here are 6 pictures showing little Jordan in action-smiling!

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
Mommy is making little Jordan smiles.

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
Jordan wanna hold mama's hand~ar?

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
Morning sweetie.

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
Wanna drink nian nian already?

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
Why? Still Jordan still sleepy?

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
You want daddy and mommy to hug you?

Now let's watch the 22-second video of him is smiling. It is not every day we can capture such priceless moment. Or this is just the beginning? Yeah! I am sure we can see him smiling more and more often now. After all he has his daddy, me to make him smiles. Right Jordan? :)

Our little Jordan.

They say a baby's smile is immaculate, just like an angel's smile. How so true. Aww...his smile just make our day. Me and my wife are very happy to be blessed by God to have little Jordan in our lives. :) Thank you God.

Our Little Jordan Is Smiling
My favourite picture of the moment-Our Little Jordan Is Smiling!

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