Monday, August 23, 2010

What The Tweet Is Twitter? Is It A Bird?

Nope! Twitter is not a bird. Despite being one of the most famous social networking sites in the world Twitter is still unknown to many. I find it bemusing to know that people around me are so obsessed with Facebook and yet they are clueless about Twitter! How about you? Do you know what is Twitter? Or you know nothing about it even though it has been around since 2006. Ok! Before we get started, let's get to know what Twitter is all about shall we? Twitter describes itself as a service for friends, family members and colleagues to communicate and stay connected via exchange of messages.

Ready to be one?

The description by the bird, itself is a little vague don't you think so? Now let me try to simplify it for you folks. Twitter is actually a micro-blogging service. Yupe! It is like blogging where you share about your feeling, your rantings, your discoveries etc. but you are only limited to 140 characters. And the 140 characters that you scribble is what we call a TWEET! Hence Twitter is also known as the "SMS of internet". Do you know that every month at least 50 million tweets are sent?

What is Twitter?

Do you know that Twitter has a monthly growth of 1382% whilst Facebook only has a monthly growth of 228%! So what's so special about Twitter that makes it one of the fastest growing social networking site? Twitter is so special because of their short format (140 characters) that defines them. Twitter's strength allows informal collaboration and instant information sharing that provides reliefs from mounting emails and Instant Messaging (MSN Messenger, ICQ etc.) fatigue. Twitter allows you to connect with like-minded people without much hassle.

Twitterland is really fun. Trust me. :)

Twitter gives me a whole new experience in social networking. Something I can't really feel in Friendster, Myspace nor Facebook. I feel so comfortable in Twitterland. I feel as if I am in my own yard playing with my friends. Twitter also allows me to learn and interact with everyone from everywhere. Twitter allows me to be on the beat. Twitter is all about connecting with people.

All About Twitter

With Twitter you can post your updates let your followers know what you are doing. You can send your messages (or tweets) using the Twitter website or via 3rd party application such as HootSuite, Tweetdeck etc. Likewise you can also follow and view updates posted by other Twitter users akin to subscribing to other's blogs RSS feeds. That's why Twitter is also known as micro-blogging. So now you know a little bit more about Twitter? Nope?'s a video that might help me wrap up the post for you.

Twitter in plain English for you. :)

I hope now you (those uninitiated) know what Twitter is all about ok folks. So join us now in Twitterland. I have lots of fun here. And yeah please follow me Tekkaus@Twitter ok, I will surely follow you back. Why follow me? Easy, because I won't be able to tell you everything in my blog so you can get to know me more through Twitter. :p

So folks...please...
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