Saturday, August 28, 2010

What If My Nokia E72 Is Naked?

Imagine what will happen to my one and only Nokia E72 if it is NAKED? Yes, naked in the sense that it is not protected by anything at all. As you guys know I received this Nokia E72 as a birthday present months ago on my Birthday. It cost my beloved wife RM1,400 to buy this dream smartphone for me. I am really surprised to receive this precious phone from my missus. To know that she forked out so much money for this Nokia E72 kinda hurt me. :(

Melkco Rubberized Case-Nokia E72
Still remember my Nokia E72 and this red hot case? :p

That's why I decided to invest some money for my Nokia E72 so that it will not be that naked and vulnerable anymore. That's why I bought the Melkco Rubberized Snap Cover for my Nokia E72. Although it is a tad expensive (RM89), I still believe it is money well invested. I am grateful that I bought this expensive case if not...

Melkco Rubberized Case-Nokia E72
Looked at the peeled "skin".

Melkco Rubberized Case-Nokia E72
Can you see the white spot? Imagine my phone without it...

Melkco Rubberized Case-Nokia E72
OMG! Terrible right?

Melkco Rubberized Case-Nokia E72
That's why I need to invest in a good protective cover!

See? I told you right? If my Nokia E72 is not protected it will be scratched and tempered. If might even end up malfunctioning too. Thank goodness for my Melkco rubberized snap cover. That's why Nokia E72 is still as good as new. :) Are you giving your phones enough protection? Or did you leave it naked to fend for itself? Don't take things for granted.

Melkco Rubberized Case-Nokia E72
I love my Nokia E72!

Melkco Rubberized Case-Nokia E72
See? Still shiny and new right?

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