Saturday, August 14, 2010

Melkco Rubberized Snap Cover For My Nokia E72

As a lot of you have already known, my wife handed me my dream smartphone-Nokia E72, some time ago during my 25 th birthday. I was so excited when I received it. I know I must take good care of my Nokia E72 because my wife used her hard-earned money to buy me this smartphone. It cost more than half of her salary. Poor wifey. Knowing that I am a person who is very clumsy, I decided that I need to give my Nokia E72 extra protection. So I bought a special protective case for it.

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
My Melkco Rubberized Snap Cover-Pro2 Jacket!

I know if my Nokia E72 is not being taken care properly, it would end up with lots of unwanted scratches and marks. So I went to Mahkota Parade a week after my received my phone and searched for a good protective case for my phone. I am not going to buy an ordinary, cheap case. What I need is something which is very durable and can give my phone maximum "coverage". That's why in the end I got myself Melkco Rubberized Snap Cover for my Nokia E72. It cost me RM90. A tad expensive but I believe it is worth it.

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
Unboxing my Melkco Protective Case!

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
This is what Melkco gives you.

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
2 different covers for maximum protection.

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
The soft red cover enveloping my Nokia E72

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
Left (USB + Card Inlet)

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
Right (Volume Control)

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
Melkco cover really takes good care of my camera.

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
Melkco even throw in a screen protector worth RM50. :)

This so-called Pro2 Jacket Snap Cover from Melkco is made specially to give your Nokia E72 optimum "shield" against any form of physical attack. It is made up from 2 different layers to make it more durable. The outer hard cover is made from silicon to ensure it can withstand knocks and shocks. Likewise the inner softer cover functions as an insulator between the outer silicon case and the phone-an absorber if you like. So with Melkco protective cover, you know your phone is well protected. :)

Melkco Protective Cover Nokia E72
I know my Nokia E72 is in good "hand" with Melkco Rubberized Cover!

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