Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 Reasons I Can't Get 1K Unique Visitors Daily

Traffic is like the life blood for a blog if it is for monetization purpose. So traffic is very much important for my blog But unlike some of you enormous "whales" out there, I am just a little fry struggling to channel more traffic to my puny blog. I have tried and tried but well...progress has been pretty slow. Presently my blog only managed to rake in an average of 700 unique visitors & 1500 views daily. Of course I have improved but I wish I could do better. I wonder when I can get at least 1000 unique visitors daily.

Tekkaus Blog Traffic
My blog traffic from 7th August till 13th August

Tekkaus Blog Traffic
The views and uniques I have received in the past 7 days.

As you can see my daily unique visitors fluctuate around the region of 700 whilst the page views registered is around 1.5k. Nothing to shout about.I am still scratching my head, pondering what I can do to increase my blog traffic. Most of my visitors come from my very own country-Malaysia and USA! I wish I could do better in my home soil but I know it is pretty hard because of the language that I use. I am using English instead of Malaysian language. Well...

Tekkaus Blog Traffic
Malaysia only account for 30% of my traffic.

So I am setting a target for myself and I hope I can reach that elusive 1000 unique visitors every single day at the end of the year. But I know I will be disappointed. I believe my blog has fulfilled its maximum potential. No, I am not being pessimistic but rather I know the limitations my blog is currently experiencing. Wanna know what are they?

3 Reasons Why My Blog Can't Get 1K of Unique Visitors

1~My blog is not a Wordpress Blog. It is a "blogspot" blog. Yes, meaning that my blog is hosted on blogspot domain. This is a free blogging platform provided by the big brother from Google. Don't get me wrong, I love blogspot a lot, it is easy to use and can integrate with other Google services effortlessly. But it is not very good in term of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Likewise Wordpress is more powerful and you can funnel in traffic easily with the available plugins. I believe I can at least double my traffic if I migrate to Wordpress for it is more SEO-friendly. Then again...this blog might remain a blogpot. :)

2~My blog is too "diluted". Meaning that my blog isn't a niche blog. Since I am writing about almost everything under the sun, my blog lacks focus and the needed "concentration". can be best described as a lifestyle personal blog, so it does not have a niche. Hence it lacks authority and will not do really well in order to get organic traffic (search engine).

3~I am not famous. Needless to say we are know the power of fame right? If you are a lifestyle blogger and you are famous, you will certainly get lots of traffic. Moreover being famous also means that you don't need great content to get good traffic. Yupe! You have the added advantage of being lousy but still getting good traffic because you are well...famous. I am not I guess I have to work harder.

Tekkaus Blog Traffic
I hope mine will be like this-keep on increasing.

So there you have it folks, the 3 reasons why this blog of mine might not be able to reach the 1,000 unique visitors daily target. Then again...I might be surprised. Who knows right? I will still do my best to scale greater heights. I hope you are doing the same too folks. Happy blogging everyone.