Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Am Infected? Why Me? Tell Me Why!

All this while I thought my body is "invulnerable" and nothing can penetrate into my immune system. I thought I am like Incredible Hulk whose body will never be infected by any disease. I assume I am always healthy and I won't get sick easily because I would only get sick like once in every few years....HOW WRONG WAS I! Yesterday I had finally raised my white flag and conceded defeat to whatever bacteria or virus that has invaded my throat causing me to cough non-stop like a dog barks in the ghost month!

I Am Infected,Cough Syrup
See...I need so many drugs...

Curse you damn virus or bacteria which is wreaking havoc in my life right now! You are making me so miserable. I hate you freaking damn microorganism (virus or bacteria)! Blasphemy! I swear the moment I get better I am going to use the microscope and hunt you down. Then I am going to kill you and your whole colony for putting me in this quandary. Wait till I get better I tell you! Ha :D

I Am Infected,Cough Syrup
My cough just woke him up. :/

A~hem! Sorry for being a little bit too melodramatic just now. *quip* I can't help it. I really hate being sick. I am the kind of person who rarely get sick and when I do...usually it will take a few days for me to recover. It feels like there is someone keep on tickling my throat with a feather. I cough when I am working...I cough when I am riding my bike...I cough when I am back at home...I cough when I am sleeping! Sometimes my coughs even wake my little Jordan up! Crap! *Cough! Cough! Cough!* See? I wonder how this "nightmare" happened? :/

I Am Infected,Cough Syrup he is asleep.

A few days ago I bought Wood's Cough Syrup and gulped down the whole bottle...nothing happened. Then I bought Mother & Son Brand Cough Syrup (Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu & Anak)...still nothing happened. So last night I went to see the professional-doctor. She said my throat was infected. She prescribed some "drugs" for me. Hopefully I will get well soon. By the way I hate western medicine....they make me so drowsy. Haih...I am infected...why me? Why?