Sunday, August 29, 2010

About The Blog-Tekkaus

Finally I have an "About The Blog" page for this blog of mine. It is about time huh! First thing first, welcome to blog that wants to make a difference in your life. Ha :D I kinda recycled this from my previous About Me-The Author page. I believe if you are reading this, it means you are my first time visitors. Thank you for accidentally dropping by. Before you click the "x" button and close my post, I strongly urge that you keep on reading to know what this blog of mine-Tekkaus is about. If not you will regret it. (If you are my regular readers...see you tomorrow~bye! bye!)

About The Blog Tekkaus

What is this blog about? is basically about everything that is happening in my (our) world right now. So you can say that I write just about anything under the sun that interests me! I might write about the dog in front of my house. I might discuss about the ad which appeared in the newspaper. Who knows? I might write about you too one day. Yes YOU! Ha :D

About The Blog Tekkaus
It is about...everything. :p

Who Is Tekkaus Written For?
A~ha! You will be surprised if I say that Tekkaus is actually written for all of you readers out there. Yep! You, who is sitting in front of your laptop there. I will always try to write something that will grasp your interest, something that you can relate with. Even with my more personal posts, I will try to make it more engaging. In other words, this blog is not only here to inform you but to entertain you.

What does Tekkaus (blog) has got to offer?
Hmm...what should I say? ...let's say...from what is happening to some celebrities out there to what I am eating this morning (My Chronicles) that caused me to have severe diarrhea. Sometimes I will talk about the latest gadget that I am drooling about; Sometimes I would love to lash out my acid tongue and talk about politics; Sometimes I would love to let you guys know what have just given my taste buds that unmistakable orgasmic sensation~yummy! And from time to time I do write some inspiration post to nourish your soul and motivate you. :)

My latest passion is writing about my little one(s). Yupe! I am a DaddyBlogger right now and I will blog about my little baby and everything that revolves around my baby. If you are an expectant parent, perhaps you should read my blog posts (My babies) to prepare you for the advent of your little one.

Moreover if you are into blogging, and making money are will be glad to know that I might serve you with some quality problogging posts from time to time. Don't worry although I am lousy I believe I am still qualified (I thing) as I have been earning a few hundred bucks monthly from this blog alone. Of course I still have a lot to cover. So stay tuned. :)

Wanna know what else you can discover here? Easy-peasy, go to my Table of Content and you will be amazed, dumbstruck, put off...or whatever you wanna call it. I am sure you can find something useful from the 700++ that I have scribbled.

About The Blog Tekkaus
The author of the blog (It's me~lar!).

This is what I can promise you...
...After reading all my blog posts and stick around with me, I am sure you will be a happier person. Not only that, your life will also be more fulfilled and more fun. This blog will color your life and make your soul more melodious! Wait...wait...I am going way too far... Ha :D All in all I just wanna say that my blog will infect you with my contagious laughters and slapstick demeanor. Sounds a little bit too full of myself and presumptuous right? :p

About Me-The Author?
Well...all I can say is that I am an eccentric and enigmatic, aspiring problogger. Wanna know more? Of course you need to read my About Me-The Author page! Then you will feel more connected to me.

Last but not least, thank you for staying this long to finish up this post. are already practicing the art of patience, tolerance and empathy in my blog. So don't forget to bookmark and subscribe to my blog ok. :)