Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53rd Independence Day To Malaysia

It is that time of the year again folks. 53 years ago, our late Tunku Abdul Rahman announced our country's independence at our holy grail-Datararan Pahlawan, Melaka. 53 years later, we are still living in peace and harmony amidst some uncertainty that is enveloping us such as racism issues, discrimination, unfair social contracts etc. A lot have happened in these 53 years. Some are cheerful ones which will put a smile on our faces; some are downright disgusting and will robbed us of our gleam. Then again...no one says it is going to be a bed of roses right?

53rd Independence,Merdeka,Malaysia National Day,DiGi
How so true!

For this post, I am going to write something more on the bright side. When so many of us are pointing our fingers complaining this and that even though we have already been given so many "crutches", I prefer to count my eggs in the basket. Yes, some of us might felt we are shortchanged while some greedy ones keep on asking for more because they deem it is their privileges and rights. But I just wanna thank God and Her-Malaysia, for blessing me and my family.  She provided all of us with a warm shelter which I am really grateful for.

53rd Independence,Merdeka,Malaysia National Day
I am lucky to be able to sip my coffee and read newspaper.

How about you? Are you the ones who count your blessings and make things work? Or are you the ones who keep on complaining and criticizing about virtually everything, demanding to be "fed" with more luxuries? I hope you are the former. True enough nowadays our National Day holds no profound meaning to most of us. But to me it is still very important because it shows how lucky we are to be Malaysians. Don't dis our mother-Malaysia because of all the unscrupulous politicians. Today is the day we celebrate for Her independence! I still believe Malaysia is still the best place to live in the world! :)

Happy Independence Day Mama (Malaysia)!

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