Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wakey Wakey My Little Jordan

*Yawn* I am really sleepy right now. But then I wanna post about something that will make me more energetic (or sleepy). The other day I woke my little Jordan up because it was time for him to drink his milk. Yupe! Babies must be fed at a fixed time. Even if my little Jordan is asleep, I still need to wake him. But most of the time he doesn't need us to wake him up. :p So on one faithful day I woke my darling little Jordan up and scooped him from his cosy cot...

Wakey Wakey Little Jordan
Remember we must wake up our little one gently ok~:D

Wakey Wakey Little Jordan
Wake up sweetie. :)

Wakey Wakey Little Jordan
Finally his eyes are opened.

Wakey Wakey Little Jordan
~yawn~Still sleepy~ah?

Wakey Wakey Little Jordan
It is time to drink milk~o Jordan. :D

I love to look at my little Jordan. His every moves excites me. Yupe! Sometimes I enjoy seeing him waking up from his slumber. Hehehe :D Of course my little Jordan was still sleepy back then. And a little grumpy too. I believe all of us are like too when we are being awakened unwillingly right? Speaking of is time for my little Jordan to drink his milk. Wakey wakey little Jordan. :D

P.S.: Did you guys notice that both me and little Jordan sport the same colour singlet? :p He says he wanna play basketball with me when he grows up.

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