Tuesday, August 3, 2010

108-year-old Lady's Secret Massage Keeps All Her 23 Husbands Loyal

If you are not a Malaysian, you would not have known about this 108 years old lady who is considered as a legend in Malaysia. Why she is a legend? Well...for starter, this 108-year-old Wook Kundor has a whopping 23 husbands in her entire lifetime. And right now she is happily married to a man who is 70 years younger than her. So what is the secret that allows her to keep her 23rd husband who is 38 years old right now. Want to know her secret? Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from her two? :p

Wook Kundor,109-year-old woman,killer massage
I am sure a lot of you have read about this legendary lady right?

When so many women are trying to keep their husbands by their sides, this 108-year-old lady has managed to keep not 1 but all her 23 husbands by her side all the time. It is said that Wook Kundor uses her so-called "killer massage" that she learned from her ancestor to keep her husbands loyal! Wow! Talking about magic huh! Presently Wook's traditional massage is what keeping her 23rd husband Mohd Che Musa glued to her.

Wook Kundor,109-year-old woman,killer massage
108-year-old Wook with her 38 years old man.

I understand that Wook will massage her young husband whenever he thinks about those younger ladies. "I will massage he starts to talk about younger women. This will dissuade him from thinking about them," Wook said. She was asked about the mysterious technique of the massage, but she refused to share her secret (Arrgghhh...so selfish :p). But then she did reveal that the focal point of the massage was to concentrate on rubbing the SENSITIVE parts of the body. Gosh! Makes me wonder which parts on man are more sensitive...

Wook Kundor,109-year-old woman,killer massage
Must be those magical hands huh!

It is said that it was the same "magical" massage that "killed" all her previous 22 husbands. Opps! I mean keep all her previous husbands remain loyal until each of them kicked the bucket. Wook also generously divulged that the secret of her traditional massage is to first effleurage (stroking and caressing) the masseur before doing the same on the partner! So there will lots of stoking and caressing of sensitive parts of the body? Gasp! Wow....Wook really leads an active "lifestyle" huh!

Wook Kundor,109-year-old woman,killer massage
Hmmm...which part will she stroke the most?

So there you have it ladies, women, wives and girls. Go and enquire where you can learn about this so-called "killer" massage. If you are able to learn "The Secret", you will have a blessed relationship and marriage. And best of all you will get to keep your man. Or you can ask this 108-year-old Wook personally her secret. :p