Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goodbye Good Confinement Lady

Yesterday was the last day for the confinement lady that we hired. Months ago, right after we had confirmed about our little Jordan's imminent arrival, me and my wife had been scouring high and low in search for a good confinement lady. Finally my wife managed to find this confinement lady. We had to scout for a confinement lady because both our mothers are no longer around. And it is very, very paramount for any women who have just delivered to be "confined" properly. Failing to do so will cause terrible consequences later in life.

Confinement Lady

Although we paid RM3000 but it is really worth it. My wife and I are relieved that this confinement lady who we managed to find is someone very, very professional. Not only she did a great job taking care of my wife, she also helped us to clean up the house and did a lot (ALL to be precise) of house chores. Most importantly she has taken care of our little Jordan with lots of TLC (Tender Loving Care). She is not demanding at all and I believe she has really done a good job taking care of my wife. She has taught us a lot. Me and my wife are really grateful for her help. 28 days had gone and she must be in somewhere else helping to "confine" another person. LOL :D

My wife and I will definitely ask her to be her confinement lady again for our next few children. So see you soon Alice. Alice's contact number is 016-6730103. She is from KL. Should you not able to find her, this means that she is not in Malaysia. However if you want her to be your confinement lady, it is best for you to contact her as soon as possible for she is really, really busy. In fact my wife contacted her 6 months before our little boy was born.