Saturday, August 7, 2010

Usain Bolt Has LOST To Gay! (Video Included)

Yes! Usain Bolt was has lost to Tyson Gay for the first time in the 100m event! I can't believe this. All this while I thought Usain Bolt from Jamaica will never ever be beaten by anyone else. I can't imagine that Usain Bolt, who is a 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist was humbled in Stockholm. His towering height is enough to make it simply impossible for anyone on earth to catch him. And it seems that Tyson Gay has finally wiped off the "bolt" from Usain and make him bite the dust!

A very gay (happy) Tyson. :D

So what had happened to Usain? Why was this Jamaican bloke so bolt-less? Or was Tyson simply to Gay for him to beat? As it stands now, Usain Bolt invisibility has been shattered by Tyson Gay although the latter won the race with a relatively modest 9.84 seconds (far behind Bolt's 9.69s World Record). So Bolt has fallen but his  world record remain intact! Hmm...makes me wonder why Bolt could stumble so tamely...

"It is too later Bolt!"

Both Gay and Bolt started convincingly, but from 20m into the race, Gay had made it a metre advantage over Usain, and Bolt never looked capable of making up the deficit. The Olympic triple-golden medalists swerved from one side of his lane to the other in a lousy run that proved he was not in good form at all.

Photo finish showed how "far" Tyson was ahead of the Jamaican!

However...the race was interrupted by two faulty starts as the runners were forced to leave their blocks and restart their routine and Usain Bolt, admitted that it was a distraction. You also have to take note that Bolt suffered a calf injury in May, but of course he refused to blame his injury, claiming that Gay was the better man on the day. Bolt was a great loser as he immediately hugged Tyson to congratulate him after his unexpected victory.

Bolt quickly congratulate Gay!

Likewise Gay was equally gracious in victory. This is what he said, "Deep down I knew he wasn't 100%. I know what his limitations are, it's his off-year, and I know he has a lot more left in the tank." Tyson Gay also hoped that he can beat Bolt when both of them are in top form. "I'm still waiting for the day when we are both 100% and Asafa is also on the line," he added.

Tyson Gay Beat Usain Bolt for the first time!

The race shows that even the so-called "God" can bleed. Hmmm...let's see if Usain Bolt can bounce back from this shocking defeat. Or this is the start of Tyson's glory? Can Gay shatter Usain world record? Let's see...or is Asafa who will steal the "bolt" and "gay" from both of them? LOL :D