Monday, May 17, 2010

Yes! I Want Nobody But You!

I am going to dedicate today's Music Monday to my ONE and ONLY dearest wife. I am baffled to know that sometimes my wife is still afraid that I might not want to be with her anymore; she is worried that I might dump her and the whole family to be with another lady; she fears that I might find her unattractive anymore et cetera et cetera! Her aversion is not unfounded as more and more husbands are cheating on their wives. So I wanna let me wife know that I will be faithful no matter what happens and all of you out there-WWW (Whole Wide World) are my witnesses.

I wanna grow old with you
"We will watch sunset together just like how we always do."

Honestly I am NOT the kind of guy who likes to flirt with ladies. When I was still single I have never put my arms around any ladies during photographing session, much to my friends dismay. In my whole life time I have only gone out for movies with 2 girls-my ex and my wife. Other than that I have always rejected to meet up with any other ladies unless it is for official matters. I believe it is the least I can do for my wife. The fact that my wife still worries a little bit makes me know that someone really, really loves me. Of course she also knows that she is the only one in my heart. Ha :D

Hold My Hand, I wanna grow old with you
I will always hold you hand wifey.

Wifey, you have absolutely nothing to worry. I will always be with you. I want you to know that you are the only woman whom I will hold you hands and grow old with; You are the only woman whom I will share my bed with; And you are definitely the only woman who deserves my tender loving care like how I have always promised you before we drift into our dream land every night. Dear wifey...

I love you...I truly, madly deeply do...
...because I want nobody but you.

Even Wonder Girls know that I want nobody but you. :)

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