Monday, May 17, 2010

Sprained My Ankle Again

Last evening after receiving my wife consent to play basketball, I happily slotted my feet into my new Powerful shoes and bolted towards my favourite playground-the basketball court. Reached my destination in just 3 minutes. Yep! The basketball court is only a stone throw away from my cozy home. Before I even reached the court, my friends were waving frantically at me urging me to fasten my pace. Once I stepped into the court, our duel began. The first match was a 3-on-3 game. Our team narrowly beat our opponent by 1 point. Ha :D

Sprained Ankle
Very pain~o!

While we were taking our break. One of the opponents requested to have a 1-0n-1 duel with me. I happily agreed because I am the kind of person who really love challenges. I could not resist the prospect of playing against a 1.9m tall opponent. Both of us possess different weapons: I have my pace whilst he has his height. We started our game and we were evenly matched until...I was leading 5-4...then it happened. I was landing after making a jump and I lost my balance and...Krrgghhhh....I sprained my delicate ankle AGAIN! Ouch...

Sprained Ankle
See the swollen part?

Yes, this is not the first time my left ankle was sprained. It had been sprained countless time that I have really lost count. :/ My poor ankle. Just like how Achilles' hill was his weakness, my left ankle has always been my foible. But the blame is all on me. I should have been more careful and put on an ankle guard. Haih! Hopefully it will heal as soon as possible. It can get very excruciating at times. :/ Of course my wife was fuming when she discovered that I sprained my ankle again!

P.S. I wonder if I will have any problem riding my bike to work today with my sprained leg. :/

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