Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food Poisoning (Again)

Again I am floored by food poisoning. I have never thought this will happen to me this soon. Just a few months ago I was attacked by an almost identical stomach bug. But thank goodness this time around I only suffered from Diarrhoea and none of those chest-ripping emesis! You see this dreaded nightmare started two days ago (Sunday). It was around 9p.m. and I had this weird sensation. My head was spinning a little bit and my heart was pounding faster than usual. I forced myself to go upstairs and crash-landed on my bed. I slept earlier than usual hoping that I could shake off any illness coming my way. Obviously...I failed...


The next morning, my head was heavy and my body was heating...as though I was a fillet of salmon being grilled on a hot sizzling stone! BAM! I was really plagued by the Monday Blues. My head got bigger and my I felt I am hotter when I woke up. The worse has yet to come you know. The moment I wanna step out of my home, my stomach started to jiggle. NOOOOO! Diarrhea again! I bolted to the bathroom and bombarded the toilet repeatedly as if I was on unlimited ammo. My legs were trembling after my bad romance with the toilet bowl. :/

Yucks! Porridge! I can only eat this...

I went to see a doctor and applied for MC (Medical Leave). So I literally slept the whole day on Monday. Then today I went for work although I was given 2 days off because I don't wanna burden my HR department. But I immediately regretted my decision later on. My stomach was up to no good again. I had to visit the toilet frequently. By the time job was done, I felt like I was on a battlefield. I was shivering and my face was so pale. I really hate food poisoning! Why? First thing first, it is all about the freaking diarrhea. But the worse part about food poisoning is that I cannot consume any solid food until I am fine again! Arrgghhh...

Stay tune to find out what really poisoned me!

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