Monday, November 9, 2009

Attacked By Diarrhoea & Emesis (Vomit)!

It all started this morning. It was 2a.m. then. Suddenly I could feel this discomfort in my chest. The uneasy feeling radiate to all parts of my body especially my head. I was feeling a little nausea. I couldn't hold it back anymore and off I stormed to the toilet! Blueeeeeekkkkk! OMG! I vomited. The "best" part was, it didn't stop there. The first time, I could see a lot of undigested food I ate during dinner time. Then the second one was a bit more fluid...and the final one...nothing! Only fluid. The mechanism involved when I was vomiting was so excruciating. As if someone was trying to tear apart my ribcage! :(

I need 100 Plus to keep me hydrated...

All 3 attacks happened at different time. Hence...I didn't really sleep the whole night. After the third attack, I sighed with relieve thinking that was it. Or so believed. When I was about to get ready for work...I sensed something was wrong again. My stomach was rumbling like crazy. Then I could feel that something was trying to push its way out of my rectum. BOMB! BOMB! BOMB! I bombarded the toilet a few times before I departed for work. I guess today is not my day huh...


I was so right about it. My stomach kept on roaring while I was working. At that point...I was already so damn drained. I preserved and continued with my task until 2p.m. I had a meeting a 4 o'clock but I told my boss I wouldn't make it. I reckon I must have angered God huh! On my way poured...and that was it. Right until now I still need to make my toilet trip! What a day!

P.S.: So I can't comment on your sites and blogs for quite a while folks. I need a good rest! "Good night" folks! :(

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