Monday, October 12, 2009

The Climb By Miley Cyrus

It's Monday again folks. I have just eaten my dinner. Ha :D This week is kinda special because I was plagued by some "blues" in my office. Today is certainly not my day I guess. I just have to be more careful with some colleagues of mine. Some of them are wolves with sheep skins as disguise. LOL :D But I guess there's the norm right? In every working place, there must be a few malice "comrade" who is out to assassinate your career. We should look more closely with our eyes and don't be too gullible. Anyway I'm ok now.

This week I will like to share with you guys Miley Cyrus' The Climb! All this while, I thought Hannah Montana can not sing at all. I mean she can but she is just not going to make it big with her voice alone. But for this song, I will give 2 thumbs up! Then again, perhaps it was because I love the lyrics. Ha :D This 19 years old lass is the reigning pop princess in Hollywood right now and she has her Hannah Montana franchise series to thank!

Personally I love The Climb because it is very meaningful. The song talks about how we should not just think about the results and achievement that we want to obtain. The Climb teaches us to appreciate our struggles that we need to endure on our way to our designated destinations; The past and parcels that we have learned during trip to the summit and to grow from the knocks and bruises that we suffered along our way to the top! The Climb inspires us to grow stronger from our experiences. :)

So today I have learnt another experience which is to be more careful! You guys should be careful too ok. If you sense that your colleagues are not's time to watch your own back. After all they all want to be the big boss (some of course)! LOL :D That's all folks. I hope you guys have a great Monday ya. :D

Do you really know your colleagues? :)

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