Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Do We Pray With Our Hands Together?

How many of your pray every day? Raise your hands...aww...only a few. Just kidding :p As for me I pray several times every day. I prayed to the God and my late beloved Mama! But do you know why do we traditionally pray with both our hands together? Ever wonder why? We already knew from the tomb art that the first Christians (I am a Buddhist) prayed with their arms raised and the palms of the hands held upwards-a position we called "orant". Author of the Book of Timothy wrote this, "I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer." So does this tradition has been going on for ages?


Although it is not very clear when Christians began clasping their hands to pray, but there are sources that say it may derive from the medieval ceremony of "commendation", in which a vassal pledges allegiance to a king. From a devotional point of view, clasping hands and closing eyes are a way of creating stillness for the soul! Ok! Now only I know why our fellow Christians clasp their hands while praying. Then how about the the Buddhist then? Anyone knows about it? But I think the theory behind it is almost the same.

Well! That's all for today folks. A very short post right? Haha :D I need a nap right now. Don't forget to pray ok!

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