Friday, April 4, 2008

Fish's Breathable Pain!

Is this the Blood Arowana?

Ouchhhh! Missing someone you really, really love do hurt a lot right? It's excruciating...this feeling is so alive. This pain you feel is so real. As if this pain could breathe. Yes, for this week's Juke-Blog, Breathable Pain (會呼吸的痛) from our very own Malaysian singer is Fish Leong (梁靜茹) is featured. Frankly I once saw this lass at my secondary school in Malacca promoting her album. That time her career is still in the infancy. Years gone by, she had really grown up, vocally speaking! Cheers for her. And may Fish Leong swim more gloriously in the future! *wink* ;)

This songs talks about the emptiness that a person felt for missing someone. It talks about the regret one felt for failing to feel what the other is feeling. Breathable Pain really creeps into the deepest recesses of those who fathom it. Anyway for those who don't understand the song in chinese, it's okay. Enjoy the melody! And for those who can read chinese~sing a long with the included lyric (below). It will touch your like how it touches mine. So start missing someone and tune in to this song!!! =)

P.S.: Special thanks to my beloved wife for recommending this song! Love you wife! And I'm missing you right now. :-X


詞:姚若龍 曲:宇珩

在東京鐵塔 第一次眺望
看燈火模仿 墜落的星光
我終於到達 但卻更悲傷
一個人完成 我們的夢想

你總說 時間還很多 你可以等我
以前我不懂得 未必明天 就有以後

想念是會呼吸的痛 它活在我身上所有角落
哼你愛的歌會痛 看你的信會痛 連沉默也痛
遺憾是會呼吸的痛 它留在血液中來回滾動
後悔不貼心會痛 恨不懂你會痛 想見不能見最痛

沒看你臉上 張揚過哀傷
那是種多麼 寂寞的倔強
你拆了城牆 讓我去流浪
在原地等我 把自己綑綁

你沒說 你也會軟弱 需要倚賴我
我就裝不曉得 自由移動 自我地過

想念是會呼吸的痛 它活在我身上所有角落
哼你愛的歌會痛 看你的信會痛 連沉默也痛
遺憾是會呼吸的痛 它留在血液中來回滾動
後悔不貼心會痛 恨不懂你會痛 想見不能見最痛

我發誓不再說謊了 多愛你就會抱你多緊的
我的微笑都假了 靈魂像漂浮著 你在就好了
我發誓不讓你等候 陪你做想做的無論什麼
我越來越像貝殼 怕心被人觸碰 你回來那就好了


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