Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beat The Traffic!

Good morning Mr. traffic jam!

Have to wake up as early as 5a.m. everyday to beat the traffic? Send your closed-eyes kids to school before enduring your favourite daily dose of bumper-to-bumper traffic? And then glance to the right and left watching the pedestrian moving faster than your crawling BMW?

Hie! Welcome to your “dream” city stuffs with tonnes of cars every morning, afternoon and evening! In other words, you can’t avoid these jams. Don’t be depressed or angry with it. You can’t change it. No matter how many more flyovers of roads are built, it will still be the same if not worse! BUT…you can change how you deal with this déjà vu!

Which is you?

Secrets Of A Happy Stranded Driver! =)

First thing first: One of the keys to cool-headed peak hour driving are maintaining a sense of what is-and what isn’t- in your control. Then use other ways to detonate the tension bomb!

Punch It Right: Where possible, leave for work before peak hour. Expect to encounter the usual delays along the way. But you could be home early if you punch your card at the right time (don’t overdo it by going back to early!); and watching the clock ticks is only going to increase your blood pressure. So cover it up!

Listen To Your Favourite Books: Always wanted to read LOTR, Narnia and Harry Potters? Listen to the audion version instead. At least it will take your mind off the crawl and let you enjoy your favourite books.

Mozart Your Way Home: Listen to whatever music you find the most relaxing. Mozart is certainly better than Metallica during the hot-headed jam! Several studies have found that classical music to be more mellowing than heavy metal (of course man)! Enya is okay also!

Back To Basic: When your pressure gauge is nearing the “explode” indicator, take some (or a lot) deep, deep breaths. Breath and scrunch up. These basics will surely ease the steam!

Don’t Smog: In some cities, during peak hours, special lanes are set aside as transit for those who car pool. If you can leave you BMW (if you don’t have kids to fetch) home and car pool you’ll certainly enjoy the ride! Some cities also offer park and ride facilities-you can drive to a certain point, park your Ferrari and the commute the rest of the way to your office. So don’t smog, not everyone is interested to know what you drive to work!

Your smile will help too! =)

P.S.: No matter what, be careful when you are driving on the road. No speeding! No drink and drive. No talking on the phone. No smoking! =)