Friday, January 25, 2008

Good News Coffee Junkie!

Talking about Coffee FREAK???

Well, like you guys! I am a coffee freak too. Good news for Starbucks frequenter! Sometimes I gulped down few glasses of those java each day! No wonder my wife always nags at me (Thank you for caring about me, really appreciate it). But I have my reasons, although most are unfounded but...hey I have One good reason now. A research had shown that coffee might help in making us mentally smarter!

The job java should be a company mandate now. It helps to upgrade your memory! Austrian researchers discovered that drinking a cup of coffee truly does make you mentally sharper (Yay! =) Long live java!). Scientists measured brain activity in 15 men after they consumed either 100 miligrams of joe-or placebo. Test results showed that the caffeine group registered a greater activity in the regions of the brain responsible for short-term memory, attention and concentration (Wow, so many reasons to drink coffee!) Now that we know it helps us, then there's more reasons for us to be addicted right? =)

There's a time limit, though: The benefits diminish after 45 minutes!

Who cares right? Hurry up and go grab some Java! (and always remember: drink moderately okay!)

Wow, now that's really is an ART!

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