Origin Mattress Review-After 30 Days of Sleep

Want to know if Origin mattress is any good? Read this real honest Origin Mattress review of mine. Do check out the Origin Mattress factory prices.
Origin Mattress Review-After 30 Days of Sleep

Being a father and a husband makes me realise how important sleep is. After all, we spend 30% of our time daily in bed, right? Hence, it makes perfect sense to hunt for the best mattress money can buy. After reading lots of positive Origin Mattress reviews and making tonnes of comparisons, I have decided that this is the mattress I want to get for my family.

Origin Mattress Malaysia Review-After 30 Days of Sleep

Origin Mattress Review-After 30 Days of Sleep

Behold our brand new Origin Hybrid Mattress which we have truly enjoyed for the past 30 days. Yupe! We have really slept in this mattress for 1 month, and I dare say that this is one of the best mattresses that we have had. Even my wife and children agree that this is no doubt one of the most comfortable beds they have slept in. If you are wondering whether this is the mattress you should get, then do read this Origin Mattress review of mine.

Let's Unbox Our Origin Hybrid Mattress

Origin Mattress Review-After 30 Days of Sleep

Wait! What? A mattress in a box?

As I have aforementioned, buying a new mattress is not an easy decision for any of us. In fact, it could be very costly if we end up with the wrong bed both financially and in terms of our health. It will be like sleeping with your enemy, literally! Our family had had our fair share of sleeping on a terrible mattress. Back then we had been robbed of a good night's sleep and at times waking up the next morning feeling restless. Worse comes to worst was when my wife and I suffered from back pain.

From a Box To a Full-fledged Mattress!

Unboxing of Origin Mattress

This mattress is magical! 😎

Unboxing of Origin Mattress

It takes only 2 hours for the mattress to reach its full size. However, we waited for 24 hours just like what we have been recommended to do.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Honest Review

Our Origin Mattress is Ready After 24 Hours!

Moreover, as working adults, my wife and I could not risk losing our precious sleep. We do not want our boss to catch us red-handed dozing off in our cubicle, no? How to know when you have had a good night's sleep? A good mattress will let you feel reinvigorated and fresh the next morning. In other words, a good bed will boost your quality of sleep and you will not be suffering from any back pain regardless of your sleeping postures. The following are the main reasons why Origin Mattress is really one of the best beds we can get in Malaysia.

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Origin Hybrid Mattress

1. Hybrid Mattress-The Best of The Best

Knowing that not one single material is superior to the others, the designers and engineers at Origin have combined the different materials to create the perfect mattress for us. Thanks to the combination of memory foam, latex, and springs, we now get to enjoy cosy premium sleep. As the saying goes, "Nothing worthwhile comes easily" and the same can be said about Origin's Hybrid technology.

Origin Mattress Review-After 30 Days of Sleep

To make the perfect bed, the designers and engineers have spent countless hours conducting extensive research to get the perfect "recipe" for that ideal mattress. After experimenting with more than 10 different mattresses, over 100 staggering density alterations, and of course, thousands of sleep trials, the holy grail of the perfect mattress has been discovered. Behold the Origin Hybrid Mattress with the 3 amazing luxurious layers for the most comfortable sleep. Let's take a deep dive into the engineering of this mattress, shall we?

2. A Total of 6 Layers of Premium Comfort

For the uninitiated, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is made from 6 different layers to give you maximum comfort for your sleep. Let's find out what are the technology inside this 10-inch mattress could give you that ultra-comfortable sleep:

  1. Origin Airflow Tencel
  2. Natural Latex Layer: 
  3. Origin Cooling Gel Ventilated Memory Foam
  4. Origin Reflex Support Layer
  5. Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs
  6. Edge Guard Design (for corners) – this innovative technology prevents the edges from suffering dipping and slipping like other mattresses.
Origin Hybrid Mattress Materials Used

3. Origin Airflow Tencel Cover Layer

Knowing that the "magic" that is happening inside the mattress alone is not enough, Origin has gone one step further to give us the complete package via its Airflow Tencel Cover Layer. This unique premium top layer is actually made of hypoallergenic materials. So this is definitely a boon for those with sensitive skin. On top of that, it is super soft and boasts unbelievable breathability.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Review Materials Used

In other words, you will feel like you are always sleeping on a layer of cooling air thanks to Origin Airflow Tencel Cover Layer. I could personally vouch for this as I no longer wake up with a sweaty back even though the air-conditioner is not turned on. The top-most layer really helps to promote airflow throughout our mattress and as a result, keeps the temperature low.

4. Hypercool Cooling Technology Memory Foam

No matter how comfortably soft and plushy a mattress is, it is essentially useless if you feel that the back of your body is being "suffocated", no? Besides the presence of Origin Airflow Tencel Cover Layer, this mattress is also incredibly cooling thanks to Origin's Cooling Gel Ventilated Memory Foam.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Memory Foam Gel

Memory foam found in other mattresses is usually the open-cell memory foam. This does little to no help at all in cooling you while you are asleep. On the other hand, Origin's Hypercool Cooling Technology Memory Foam is infused with a layer of special gel with excellent heat dissipation capability. Rest assured that you will be getting a cooling, restful sleep throughout the night.

5. Individual Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs

At the heart of Origin Hybrid Mattress is its Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs. Thanks to these micro pocket springs, you will be able to enjoy a true orthopaedic sleeping experience. Each of these premium pocket springs works individually to correctly and comfortably support your body while you are sleeping.

Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs

The thousands of pocket springs help prevent any unwanted "roll-together" effects to ensure that each person who shares the bed gets to enjoy high-quality sleep. Therefore, you will be getting more personalised support and an ultra-comfortable sleeping experience. On top of that, these highly breathable Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs will also promote a cooling, pleasurable sleep.

6. Reflex Support Layer for Pain-relief Sleep Experience

By the time we are going to bed each night, most of us are terribly exhausted and drained. Hours of working, sitting and standing would have taken its toll on our bodies especially our back, right? If you are suffering from back pain or muscle aches, you will love this Origin Hybrid Mattress for its reflex support layer.

Origin Reflex Support Layer for Pain-relief Sleep Experience

Thanks to the combination of premium natural latest and high-rebound open-cell foam, the Reflex Support Layer will provide your body with that extra support for a snuggly sleep. The dedicated layer will ensure that you get nothing but the best pain-relief sleeping experience. Now I feel more rejuvenated after waking up every morning. No more lingering muscle pain and backache in the morning!

7. Zero Motion Transfer Technology

I truly appreciate my Origin Hybrid Mattress thanks to this amazing Zero Motion Transfer Technology. Previously, whenever I wanted to wake up in the middle of the night to answer nature's call, I had to think twice. A slight movement from me would wake my wife up no thanks to our mattress. I feel bad for causing my wife to be deprived of her deep, restful sleep.

Origin Mattress Zero Motion Transfer Technology

Look! Nothing is spilled!

Now I can wake up any time of the night without alarming my wife thanks to the God-sent Zero Motion Transfer Technology. I do not have to be worried about waking up my wife when I get in or out of the bed anymore. All of this is possible thanks to the pocket springs, memory foam and latex which could effectively isolate and absorb kinetic energy when someone moves on the mattress. My wife says she does not even know when I am out of bed to play games. LOL 😂

With this new hybrid mattress of ours, my wife can enjoy deep, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep every single night. Now every morning, my wife looks even more radiant and happy thanks to the high-quality sleep she is getting. As Robert A. Heinlein said, "Happiness consists in getting enough sleep. Just that. Nothing more!" Obviously, you will be getting more than enough sleep with Origin Hybrid Mattress and even more happiness.

8. Anti-Parasitic and Anti-Microbial Mattress

Do you know that your ordinary mattresses are fertile ground for breeding bed bugs and dust mites? Imagine sleeping with them every single night. Designed to be equipped with hypoallergenic properties, this Origin Hybrid Mattress is not only bed bug and dust mite resistant, but it also has resistance against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Anti-Parasitic and Anti-Microbial Mattress

So now you can sleep with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are not sharing your mattress with harmful microorganisms that will be detrimental to your health. So if you are still asking which is the best mattress that is resistant to bed bugs and dust mites, as well as those pesky microbes, then you definitely need to get this Origin Hybris Mattress.

9. Enjoy 120 Nights of Trial With Money Back Guarantee

Do you know that you can actually try this Origin Hybrid Mattress for 120 nights? This 3-month trial is one of the longest mattress trials we have in Malaysia. Honestly, I doubt you can get such privilege when you purchase your bed elsewhere.

Origin Mattress Trial and Warranty

If you are not happy with this mattress (which I highly doubt) within the 120-day grace period, you can return it and get a 100% of refund with no questions asked! In fact, they will not even charge you when you return the mattress. This speaks volumes of the confidence that Origin Malaysia has in their exceptional mattress!

10. Get 15 Years of Full Warranty

The moment a mattress manufacturer can give you a whopping 15 years of warranty, that's when you know it will probably last a lifetime. Each and every one of the Origin Hybrid Mattresses are built to last. It is designed to be durable to withstand prolonged use and wear.

Origin Mattress Review 15 Years Warranty

This mattress will grow old with us!

So you do not have to be worried that it will lose any support over time unlike the other ordinary beds on the market. When you invest in an Origin Hybrid Mattress, you will be getting a free and full 15 years of guarantee of lasting quality. This guarantee alone is a no-brainer for me to grab this mattress from Origin.

11. Trusted Positive Reviews Everywhere

Being a wise, smart, informed consumer, I will always do my extensive research before deciding to buy something. The same goes for this important investment of ours. After reading lots of glowing, positive reviews from reliable sources such as TheStar, MalaysiaKini and TechRakyat just to name a few, I know this is indeed one of the best mattresses that we can buy in Malaysia right now!

Origin Mattress VS Sonno VS Joey

12. Attractively Affordable Price

Initially, I thought that an Origin Hybrid Mattress will cost me a bomb as it comes with all the best features a bed could have. I was flabbergasted to know that our Queen size Origin Hybrid Mattress only costs RM1,839! For a mattress with a price tag below RM2k, you will be enjoying a 120-day trial and 15 years of warranty? That's a steal if you ask me! I would go as far as to say it is really cheap. You can even enjoy up to 12 months of zero-interest instalment plan! Clearly, a luxurious good night's sleep can be affordable for everyone.

13. Free Nationwide Delivery

You can now purchase your Origin Hybrid Mattress with just a few clicks of your mouse or a few taps on your smartphone. There is no need to visit any showroom whatsoever anymore. I completed my purchase within 5 minutes and within a few days, our brand new Queen-size Origin Hybrid Mattress was sent to our doorstep for free. Yupe! You will get free delivery anywhere in peninsular Malaysia for your purchase of Origin mattress. Easy-peasy, right?

Origin Hybrid Mattress Queen Size Review

Our Queen size mattress was delivered right to our doorstep!

Besides getting a brand new mattress, we had also decided to try out the pillows from Origin as well. We believe this could further enhance our sleeping quality and experience. Behold our brand new Origin Superior Coolmax Latex pillows. Just like the mattress, we are really impressed with our pillows from Origin as well.

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillows

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillows

Designed in Germany, each of these Origin Superior Coolmax Latex pillows is a must for us Malaysians no thanks to our hot, sweltering, tropical climate. It is infused with cooling gel and natural latex which promotes air circulation within the pillow itself. So no heat will be trapped inside the pillow and this, of course, allows our head to feel "cool" all the time.

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillows

If you are looking for one of the best pillows for our Malaysian hot and humid weather, then you really need to consider Origin Superior Coolmax Latex pillow. It is made of 100% natural materials which are hypoallergenic as well. There is also the removable Tencel Fabric pillow cover which is not only soft and comfortable but also easy to be washed.

Origin Mattress Factory Price and Dimensions

Like most of you, I was also asking why is the Origin Mattress way cheaper than other mattress brands being sold in shops or showrooms? You can enjoy Origin Mattress factory price because all the beds will be delivered to you directly from their factory. According to the founders of Origin Mattress, no middleman is involved. Hence, you will be purchasing high-quality mattresses at factory prices. I can personally vouch for its quality for sure!

If you want to buy premium quality beds in Malaysia at factory price, then you really need to check the following Origin mattresses out. Enclosed are the Origin Mattress' sizes, dimensions and prices for Single, Super Single, Queen and King beds:

Single Origin Mattress (91cm x 190cm) Factory Price: RM1,225

Super Single Origin Mattress (107cm x 190cm) Factory Price: RM1,531

Queen Origin Mattress (152cm x 190cm) Factory Price: RM1,839

King Origin Mattress (183cm x 190cm) Factory Price: RM2,487

Queen Size Origin Mattress Review After 30 Days

So is Origin Mattress good? Of course! After sleeping in our Queen-size Origin Hybrid Mattress for more than 30 days, we can confidently vouch for its quality. Frankly speaking, it is the best mattress my wife and I have ever had in our life. It is comfortably soft and firm at the same time while supporting your whole body. Besides being unbelievably cooling (even without the air-con turned on), its Zero Motion Transfer Technology is also something that we love a lot. We are truly, madly, deeply in love with our Origin Mattress!

Queen Size Origin Mattress Review After 30 Days

Is Origin Mattress Malaysia Good?

So is Origin Mattress Malaysia good? Of course! I thought the firmness of the mattress is really just nice. You might think it is too soft initially but eventually, you will realise the mattress is actually adapting to the shape of your body. All in all, I will certainly give my stamp of approval for this Origin Hybrid Mattress to anyone who wants a good night's sleep. It deserves my 5-star rating for sure! In fact, I am planning to get another two mattresses from Origin for our 2 children as well. I recommend you to check out Origin's award-winning mattress.

Watch Our Origin Mattress Unboxing Review


  1. As if thinking my mind. I am looking for a new mattress and the magic bed intrigues me

  2. wah seronoknya dapat tidur atas tilam baru. nampak menarik & selesa.

  3. 6 layers premium comfort agak menarik...paling penting ada waranti... tu yang best

  4. Nampak memang selesa laa tilamny.. bagus untuk kesihatan tulang kita.. Sis nak rekemen kat anak laa, dia kan slip disc...

  5. Interesting, my current bed also already warn out, maybe can consider this origin mattress. Interesting and looking forward to it.

  6. Sekarang penting tuk ada tilam tidue yang selesa dan juga bagus kerana kualiti masa tidur tu penting tuk bangun pagi2 pergi kerja.. bagus ni...

  7. I'm pretty amused by how the mattress can be packed into such a small size when I first discovered Origin.

  8. This bed looks so so comfy and sturdy, going to check it out too

  9. so many of my friends have tried this mattress and they all gave good reviews. your comprehensive article has just confirmed it! :)



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Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer: Origin Mattress Review-After 30 Days of Sleep
Origin Mattress Review-After 30 Days of Sleep
Want to know if Origin mattress is any good? Read this real honest Origin Mattress review of mine. Do check out the Origin Mattress factory prices.
Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer
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