My 9 New Year's Resolutions

My 9 New Year's Resolutions

It is a brand new year and it is up to us to make the year 2021 count! I have drafted my 9 new year's resolutions. How about you? Any idea what are you going to do for the whole year? If you have yet to start, make sure you do not procrastinate any longer. Grab your pen and paper, then start writing the new year's resolutions that you want to accomplish. It is important to set goals so that you can make full use of your time and fulfil your potential. A life without goals will be one that is aimless.

My 9 New Year's Resolutions

"A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder."
~Thomas Carlyle

It is safe to say that your new year's resolutions will allow you to have a more purposeful life. Otherwise, you will be repeating the same mundane routine every single day not knowing what you really want to achieve. Remember that your life is not about waiting to discover yourself, instead, it is about creating and reinventing yourself. It is fact that our life does not get better by CHANCE, it can only get better by CHANGE. So be the change you want to see in yourself. You can start by charting your course right now; You can begin by writing your new year's resolutions. 

My 9 New Year's Resolutions

1. Be The Leanest Version of Myself

Though my BMI is just barely nice I want to be the leanest and meanest version of myself. Knowing my limitations and the current situations, I plan to do more short intervals but high-intensity workouts such as HIIT and Tabata just to name a few. It will be a bit difficult to hit the gym right now, so I will do more bodyweight exercise. I want to be lean and ripped. I want to hit the magic 59.5kg of ideal weight.

2. Say No To Time-wasting

Sometimes a little so-called "cheat hour" might be a bad idea when it gets out of hand. I need to practise delayed gratification every day so that I only loosen up later part of the day once everything is done. I have to make sure that I do not get distracted too many times especially in the early part of the day when I am at my peak. So I need to ensure that I increase intensity for my work rate and ramp up my productivity.

3. Perfecting My Polyphasic Sleep

To me, sleep is a privilege and hence I have to practise polyphasic sleep. I have tried it for a few years now but I have not been consistent. Basically, polyphasic sleep is about splitting your sleep into the main core sleep at night and a few naps in the day. I have had an extended scientific reading on this recently and hopefully, I could perfect the polyphasic sleep that I have customized for myself. I have thought about looking into natural solutions that could help me with my core sleep, such as these  D8 gummies, and definitely would consider something like this if I do find myself struggling to establish this sleep schedule. Warning: Try this at your own risk.

New Year's Resolutions Quotes

4. Be a Warrior In Intermittent Fasting

To obtain my ideal weight, workout alone might not be enough. I need to control my diet as well, whether that's with the help of a supplement like CBD capsules, or just watching what I eat a little more carefully. Being someone who is approaching middle age (I am 35 by the way), my metabolism has certainly slowed down and hence I have to make sure I do not indulge in too much sinfully delicious food. So I need to practise intermittent fasting. There are a few different ways to do intermittent fasting but the one that fits me the best would be the Warrior Diet. Hopefully, I could do it consistently of course. Must not be seduced by irresistible indulgence.

5. Blog At Least 4 Times A Week

Truth to be told, I am not really a social butterfly (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) to begin with. My forte would be writing blog posts. I really do enjoy writing articles for my audience to read. It is my goal to deliver informative, useful, engaging and entertaining write up for others to read. Then again my blog also serves as a diary for me to record and immortalize the priceless memories that my family and I have created together. So I hope I could write at least 4 blog posts every week.

6. Create 2 More Websites

I have been planning to create 2 more web portals for months now. Hopefully, it will be launched before the year ends. Then again I wish that they will have earlier debuts since I have had almost everything that I need, so fingers crossed and I can show them to you guys one day. Nope! It will not be another blog. The 2 websites I have in the pipeline will totally be different from what I am doing right now. Perhaps I could still add a blogging feature to them. Any idea what I am cooking?

7. Learn Forex Trading

By now all of us know that having just one income source is never going to be enough anymore. Though I have a main permanent job, I know that I need to create even more streams of income to provide a better life for my family. It is not a secret that I moonlight a lot bit, it is always better to have contingency plans right? The recent pandemic has shown us that nothing is foolproof, let alone a so-called permanent job right? So I hope I could pick up forex trading which might not only be profitable but will be a legacy that I could pass down to my children once I master it.

Quotes About Knowledge Is Power

8. Read Voraciously For Knowledge

My favourite quote is the one put forth by Benjamin Franklin which reads, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." I strongly believe in his wise words and thanks to him I have achieved quite a lot in my life (relatively speaking). Knowledge is indeed power and by applying it wisely I believe I will be handsomely rewarded. I intend to continue my habit of reading voraciously be it books, novels, magazines or online articles.

9. Spend More Quality Time With My Family

All my earlier 7 new year's resolutions have been set to help me achieve this ultimate goal of mine-spending more quality time with my family. Always begin with the end in mind. I want to spend more time with my wife and my 2 children. I want to go on vacations with my family, indulge in great food with them and of course create countless priceless memories together with them. More importantly, I also want to be in their life all the time, day and night. I want to play Chinese chess, monopoly, carrom and many more games with them every single day. Gladly, I have been doing that right now and I want to continue doing so for the rest of my life.

Quotes About Procrastination

So have you set decided what your new year's resolutions would be for this brand new year? As the saying goes, "The past is there to look back at our mistakes, the future is there is there to make sure you don't make the same ones." If you have not set your goals, most probably the wicked Procrastination Devil is playing mind tricks on you-misleading you to be lazy. Delay it any further and you will end up being idle and we all know that idle time is the devil's play. So start doing something that your future self will thank you for.

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  1. You as a parent and as a teacher should say and write this to set a good example. As for me, I have one foot in the grave already so just living free day by day. No need to accomplish anything. Some people say with the suicide rates so high, keeping oneself from being depressed and jump off the building like so many successful people such as leslie cheung is already something already. But you as a teacher, must set good examples la so bravo for this article.

    1. Come on don't say that you days are numbered.

      Still a goal can be simple or something really big. It depends on how you want to put it.

    2. Hahahaha, we don't know how many days we have. No one knows, right? It is a fact that I never do any new year resolutions because if really want to do something, can just do it anytime of the year, no need to specially make a resolution or wait for ny to do it. But it does make life less boring to make resolutions.

    3. Perhaps you would want to spice things up this year? Make life a bit more interesting? :p

    4. No need. Thanks for your suggestions. I love a Peaceful n calm life. So no need. 🙏Oommmmmmmmmmm

    5. Then again I am sure you are right. :D

  2. Amazing list of resolutions. Especially No 1.... jia you! Can't wait to see a leaner and healthier you.

    1. Yeah. But I am a glutton. So that will be tricky. LOL :D

  3. No thoughts on contributing to charity and society?

    1. Charity begins at home. LOL :)

      Still thanks for the reminders. :D

    2. Wait...donating blood is doing charity right? 1 pint of blood equals to 3 lives saved. :D

  4. Wow! I like what you have written about your resolutions. I would say the No 9 is most important. Today I am dealing with all my annoying nephews who are products of bad parenting where they were sadly being neglected by their parents when younger. This costly price has caused the kids to have bad bonding with parents and failing in school grades. Now this Uncle TM has to rescue them pula.

    I am learning about your polyphasic sleep. My late father was a believer and lived till 88 years old. As for diet, I lost 11 kgs since the MCO started and I often ate one meal a day! That's usually brunch only. In between I would have beverages or light snacks. You can do it bro!!

    1. I am sure you could do it to be your nephews saviour. :D

      Ouh really? Guess I could live until 88 too. :D

      Yes thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I like reading this post of all your resolutions. This year i did not set any resolution as everything is so uncertain now.



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Tekkaus | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer: My 9 New Year's Resolutions
My 9 New Year's Resolutions
The following are my 9 new year's resolutions for the year 2021. How about you? Have your set your new year's resolutions already? Use mine as a guide
Tekkaus | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer
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